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Sample Documents for Building Certification

The following are examples of the most important documents that must be submitted for the building certification.

Sample documents

Completed Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) for a residential building as PDF

Sample plans and detail construction drawings

Single family home detailed TFA and Vn50 calculation using the SFH Aid tool

Sample window schedule

Sample glazing data sheet

Sample window frame U value calculation in accordance with EN ISO 10077-2

Sample glazing edge thermal bridge calculation in accordance with EN ISO 10077-2

Completed documentation of flow rate adjustment (commissioning of the ventilation system) based on the “ventilation specification sheet”

Record of an airtightness test according to EN 13829, Method A

Record of an airtightness test according to ISO9972:2018-12

Completed EnerPHit Retrofit Plan for a staged renovation to the EnerPHit Standard

Completed sheet for renewable energy generation systems that are not installed on the building site

Guidance, checklists and templates

Guidance on documenting a thermal bridge calculation for a connection detail adjacent to ambient air

Guidance on documenting the calculation of a window profile and a window installation thermal bridge

Guidance on the calculation of thermal bridges for building assemblies in contact with the ground:

Checklist for the report of the airtightness test

Template for the Construction manager declaration

Checklist Building site photographs

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