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Passive House Institute publications

iPHA Passive House Info-Sheets

2015 iPHA Fact Sheets

2016 iPHA Fact Sheets

2017 iPHA Fact Sheets

2018 iPHA Fact Sheets

2019 iPHA Fact Sheets

2020 iPHA Fact Sheets

Research Group Proceedings

Nr.15 Passive House Summer Comfort

Nr.25 Temperature Differentiation in Apartments

Nr.40 Passive House retail establishments

Nr.41 Cooling in non-residential Passive House buildings

Nr.44 Planning aspects of ventilation systems

Nr.45 Accurate measurementes in energy-efficient buildings

Nr.46 Passive House: Assuring a sustainable energy supply

Nr.47 Energy-efficient cafeterias and commercial kitchens

Nr.48 Using Passive House technology for retrofitting non-residential buildings

Nr.49 Energy-Efficient Hot Water Systems

International Passive House Conference proceedings

Research Group for Cost-effective Passive Houses proceedings

Handbook: Modernisation of old buildings using Passive House Components

EuroPHit Brochure: Implementing deep energy step-by-step retrofits

PassREg Brochure: Defining the Nearly Zero Energy Building

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