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Passive House buildings in different climates

Passive House buildings: a method rather than a building style

In Central European Climate there is a lot of practical experience on how to build Passive House buildings. But it would be a pitfall just to apply the Central European Passive House design, especially the details used for insulation, windows and ventilation and just copy these to a completely different situation because

  • there is a specific building tradition in every country and
  • there are specific climatic boundary conditions in every region.

Therefore, the specific solution for a Passive House has to be adapted to the country and the climate under consideration.


[ **The principle remains the same - the details have to be adapted.**  This statement can be taken as the general rule governing the design of Passive Houses in all climates around the globe. This maps shows you, which places on earth - apart from Central-Europe with its cool-temperate climate - have already been investigated by the Passive House Institute with a focus on the construction of Passive Houses. ]

The links in this chart lead to the articles Passipedia provides to the corresponding climate zones:
climate zones investigated region,
country or city
cold climates Yekaterinburg
warm climatesSouth-West Europe
New Zealand
hot, dry climates Las Vegas
hot, humid climates Dubai
subtropical, mild climates Tokyo / Hyakuri
tropical climates Salvador da Bahia, Mumbai, Singapore
Mexico, India

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