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Checklist: Test reports of airtightness measurements

Is the air tightness measurement protocol complete? This can be easily confirmed using this checklist:

  • Is all general information included?
    • Tester: name, address and signature
    • Object
    • Date of test
    • Device
    • Measurement standard (norm)
    • Inside and outdoor temperatures
    • Wind velocity
    • Flow coefficient Cenv
    • Leakage coefficient CL
  • Is the airtightness measurement performed in accordance with ISO 9972 (Method 1)?
  • Is room-by-room calculation of the air volume of the building included? Is the calculation correct?
  • Has the installation location of the fan been documented?
  • Has temporary sealing of the building envelope been recorded (sealing of outdoor air and exhaust air ducts at least)?
  • Has a series of measurements at positive pressure AND negative pressure been performed?
  • For each series of measurements, were 5 measuring points used at different pressure differences (highest value ± 50 Pa at least)?
  • Is the flow exponent “n” between 0.5 and 1.0 (otherwise indicates measurement error due to a change in the envelope e.g. window opening)?
  • Is the average value of the natural pressure difference between -5 and 5 Pa (measurement of the pressure difference before and after each measurement series)?
  • Note: If the wind speed is greater than 6 m/s (21.6 km/h) OR the wind force is higher than 3 Beaufort, the stated limiting values for the pressure difference will usually be exceeded.
  • In general, the positive and negative pressure values n50 are relatively close to each other. If there are significant differences between the two results, a plausible explanation should be given in the measurement report.

Recommendation: leakage detection at negative pressure should be carried out before the measurements, and any large leaks should be rectified and this should be documented.

Exception: For the measurement of tall buildings (e.g. high-rise buildings) special boundary conditions apply. Please contact your certifier or

Checklist: Test reports of airtightness measurements for download

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