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Building Certification

Building certification provides quality assurance and brings many advantages for all parties involved. The focus is on planning, because only practice-oriented planning can be translated into a functioning building at the construction site: Airtightness, thermal bridge free design, high-quality windows and installation, ventilation system and other building services must be designed in a targeted manner and coordinated with each other (in the professional world, this is referred to as integral planning). In this context, it is advisable to contact an accredited Building Certifier at an early stage of planning. At this stage, problems identified by the certifier can still be easily remedied.

The Building Certification Guide provides a clear summary of general information on certification (e.g. benefits, process, first steps).

Energy Standards

Building Criteria

The official building criteria are published by the Passive House Institute in German and English and can be downloaded from the Passive House Institute's website: Criteria for the Passive House, EnerPHit and PHI Low Energy Building Standard

Certified Buildings worldwide

Supplementary provisions to the criteria

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