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Refurbishment with Passive House components

Existing buildings account for the greatest share of energy used in buildings. A great number of these buildings will require overall or partial refurbishment or modernisation in the near future. Such occasions are perfect opportunities to reduce the energy consumption of these buildings quite significantly by applying appropriate methods. Using components developed for new Passive Houses also allows for significant energy savings in existing buildings.

This section contains information on the following topics:

Passive House refurbishment - introduction

EnerPHit – the Passive House certificate for existing buildings

Economic feasibility of Passive House retrofits

Passive House retrofits: Thermal envelope

Passive House retrofits: Mechanical systems

Quality Assurance: Nuremberg case study

The logical path - From Passive House to zero-emission house: renting without heating bills

Example of incentive programmes for retrofits: the KfW in Germany

Overview of inter-dependence of individual energy efficiency measures

Prospects for the modernisation of existing buildings using highly efficient components

Measurements for checking consumption – "Minimal Monitoring"

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) in Step by Step Retrofitting Projects

Practical implementations of step by-step-retrofit to EnerPHit standard

A road towards deep building renovation on a step-by-step basis in Bulgaria

Economic analysis for the retrofit of a detached single family house to the EnerPHit standard

The EnerPHit Standard applied to large, complex existing buildings

Step-by-step retrofit to achieve EnerPHit-Standard, the example of a single-family home

Component Award 2016: Affordable ventilation solutions for retrofits

Windows in a step-by-step retrofit

Overall retrofit plan for step-by-step retrofits to EnerPHit Standard

Step-by-step deep retrofit and building integrated façade/roof on a 'million program' house

Step-by-step Retrofits towards EnerPHit Standard in social housing in Spain

Annual heating demand for an unrefurbished building, a “low-energy”
refurbishment, and a refurbishment using Passive House components.

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