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Building envelope

The building envelope consists of all components that separate the interior from the exterior. The interior of the building allows prevailing comfortable climate, whereas the outside is determined by the weather. In order to maintain comfortable indoor conditions in low-energy buildings, the entire building envelope needs to be perfectly insulated and prevented from air leakages.

Passive House Component Database

The Passive House envelope
The most important principle for energy efficient construction is a continuous insulating envelope all around the building (yellow thick line), which minimises heat losses like a warm coat. In addition to the insulating envelope there should also be an airtight layer (red line) as most insulation materials are not airtight.
Independently of the construction, materials or building technology, one rule is always applicable: both insulation and airtight layers need to be continuous.

Preventing thermal bridges (circles) is essential
here an individual planning method has to be developed, according to the construction and used materials, in order to achieve thermal bridge free design.

Generalities about the thermal envelope

Thermal insulation

Thermal bridges


Windows and doors

Passive House components

Which components are needed to achieve the Passive House / EnerPHit Standard in my region? Click here to find out.

Modernisation of existing buildings


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