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Passive House buildings in use

User experiences

What is it like to live in a Passive House?
A Passive House uses around 75 % less energy than the typical modern low-energy building in Central Europe. Is life in a Passive House like living in an “energy saving box”?
Several thousand people now live in Passive Houses. Every day they experience what it is like to live in a Passive House. We collected some quotes by Passive House residents – unvarnished and without comment.

Inhabitants report about living in a Passive House in the hot climate of Granada, Spain
The owners of the Moraleda´s house, the first Spanish Passive House, tell us about their experience and way of living in a “Passive House”

Passive House: when reasoning becomes a passion
The construction of buildings using the Passive House method has long been a tradition in many regions worldwide. Engineers in Austria demonstrate the sensible way of doing things. Read more...

Experience Passive House - Passive House Open Days
The best way to understand what an energy efficient building such as a Passive House specifically entails is to experience it first-hand. Read more...

Measurement results

The heat requirement of a building is mathematically determined – the actual consumption depends on many other influences, e.g. user behaviour and the weather. Years of experience have provided statistically reliable measurements of actual consumption values. The reliability of the Passive House concept can be judged from these results.

Measurements for checking consumption – “Minimal Monitoring”
A key issue that often arises with reference to realised innovative and energy efficient buildings is whether the planned low energy demand is actually achieved in a measurable way. This question has nothing to do with significantly more extensive scientific analyses. The aim is to determine the total consumption of a building using simple means and with as little effort as possible, and to be able to differentiate between the areas for heating, hot water and electricity use as far as possible. Read more...

Monitoring of districts
Monitoring and results of the largest Passive House district

User behaviour

Opening windows in a Passive House? – It’s possible and allowed!
This article provides evidence: research findings from occupied Passive Houses.

The logical path - From Passive House to zero-emission house: renting without heating bills
Why do we have to spend so much time thinking about energy-saving building in renovations, and how can we motivate people to conserve energy? There are three reasons why we should switch to energy-efficient construction and renovation as quickly as possible. Read more...

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