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Built examples: Passive House and EnerPHit worldwide

Browse implemented projects in the online project database

The best proof of concept are real projects that are in use and providing the energy savings and comfort. The number and variety of projects worldwide is growing rapidly and there are various opportunities to visit and learn about implemented projects, as well as experiences from the client and design teams involved:

  • Dive into details with the detailed project documentation submitted by Certified Passive House Designers/Consultants and Tradespeople to earn or renew their accreditation. In the Passive House Database, please choose advanced search, Only certified buildings and Project documentations, you can have an overall list.
  • Browse finalists and winners of the Passive House Awards (see below for further information)

The Passive House Standard, being a performance based quality standard, dictates no particular methods of construction. Whether solid construction, timber or composite - architects can design Passive House buildings according to their own preferences. The versatile Passive House Standard is also increasingly being used in retrofits as well as for non-residential buildings of various typologies, such as schools and kindergarten, administrative buildings, manufacturing plants, hotels, supermarkets and even indoor swimming pools. As the Passive House concept is based on physical principles and is a wholistic approach, each building can and should be adapted to its particular climate and the amenities that it offers.

Certified Passive House and EnerPHit projects worldwide

The Passive House Standard is spreading internationally with rapid uptake of certified Passive House buildings worldwide. Visit the map of certified Passive House and EnerPHit projects and access current trends and statistics here.

Selected best practice projects

The following pages feature a variety of best practice examples for both residential and non-residential Passive House buildings featured on Passipedia.

Passive House Award

The international Passive House Award highlights that energy efficient construction is not a foe to beautiful architecture. On the contrary, a building is all the more beautiful when it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, healthy, comfortable, affordable and climate friendly. The Passive House Institute has hosted several Passive House Awards and documented the finalists in dedicated books:

The selection of examplary Passive House projects, recognised for their outstanding design in the 1st Passive House Architecture Award (2010), are documented in the photo book “1st Passive House Architecture Award – the Finalists” featuring the 10 award winners and the 14 finalists. Download a pdf preview of the book.

The book of the 2nd Passive House Award (2014) is also available in a print version, as well as in digital form as an online flipbook or pdf download.

The most recent, 3rd Passive House Award (2021) can also be browsed as an online flipbook or ordered in print format in PHI's online shop.


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