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Building envelope

Insulation and thermal bridging

1_moist_.jpgTechnical Guidance - Moisture and EnerPHit

This paper introduces the challenges around moisture risk that must be borne in mind when tackling any retrofit project, and is essential reading for designers, as well as clients who are looking to inform themselves of the key issues and factors that will influence the project. While not intended as a comprehensive or prescriptive guide, it provides a useful starting point for applying a best practice approach, and also gives pointers towards further resources and training for those interested in developing their expertise.
2023Passivhaus Trust (PHT), UK
3.jpgTechnical Guidance - Good practice guide to insulation

This guide aims to give building professionals an insight into good
practice for designing, procuring, storing and installing insulation materials.
2017Passivhaus Trust (PHT), UK
calculating.jpgCalculating linear thermal bridges in Passive House with THERM

Guidance for designers with previous training in the use of THERM,
needing to brush up on some of the finer details of thermal bridge modelling.
2016Passive House Institute New Zealand (PHINZ)


literature_building_envelope.jpgTechnical Guidance - Good practice guide to airtightness

This document provides general guidance on the design, procurement,
and installation of air barriers for any building that is intended to be airtight.
2020Passivhaus Trust (PHT), UK
2.jpgAirtightness measurements in Passive Houses in New Zealand

This document provides guidelines for conducting airtightness measurements
in Passive House buildings according to AS/NZS ISO 9972:2015.
2015Passive House Institute New Zealand (PHINZ)

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