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Passive House windows tender specifications

Passive House projects have different steps. The first step is planning - using the existing and published information about Passive Houses, there is no problem, making everything easy.The next important step is to develop tender specifications. For this purpose, only a few examples exist so far. The Passive House Institute has developed two detailed model schemes for two different aspects of window tendering. The Passive House window is a complex building component. For this reason, we have chosen these tender specifications as a first.

One specification document is about a standard window as a product to be delivered. The second one is a description of the related fixing and installation. In the documents you will find also tips for detailed planning, information on how the specification document is structured and usable text. It also contains innovative ideas from the Passive House Institute for describing windows in tender specifications.

One cannot use these specifications in a copy and paste manner as they are intended to act as a template. It is therefore necessary to customize them for the specific needs of your project. It is not possible for the template to integrate all legally aspects of every country; therefore, we carry no liability for the template or the information provided. Please provide feedback to the Passive House Institute on the use of these document in your daily work: Our wish is to continue to provide this series of tender specifications and your feedback is very helpful.

You can download the window specification from Passipedia here:

1. Tender specification for PH windows as a product to be delivered:doc1.doc
2. Tender specification for PH window fixing and installation: doc2.doc

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