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Thermal Bridges Catalogue

In case a thermal bridge free connection is not possible (e.g. modernisation to the EnerPHit Standard), this Thermal Bridge Catalogue can support the designer. The catalogue contains typical Ψ-values and fRsi factors of common connections in a building.

A new tool for the calculation of thermal bridges has been developed as part of the AZEB project. You can find out more about the Thermal Bridges Tool here.

The Thermal Bridge Catalogue was completed in the frame of the SINFONIA and AZEB project and was complied with greatest care, the best of our knowledge an belief. However, no liability can be accepted for any content-related shortcomings or errors. Any liability for the accuracy and completeness of the contents and data and particular for any damage or consequences arising from the use of the information presented here is therefore excluded.

Thermal Bridges Catalogue - Short Version

Thermal Bridges Catalogue - Full Version

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