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Component guidelines for cost-optimal Passive Houses and EnerPHit retrofits

Guidelines for suitable Passive House components in your region

Although the Passive House / EnerPHit principles apply worldwide, the solutions to achieve these standards are regionally specific. This map provides a first orientation on components suitable to achieve a Passive House / EnerPHit building in your region.

For European countries, this gives you an overview on how to obtain a “Nearly Zero Energy Building”, the requirement for all buildings in Europe by 2020 (read more), in your country through the use of Passive House components and Renewable Energies.

The guidelines address building envelope and building services components, including renewable energies.

These guidance values can be used as a starting point to set up a first energy balance with PHPP. Ensure to select the climate data nearest to your building1). According to the PHPP verification results, the components can then be further refined. This optimisation in PHPP is important to achieve cost-efficient Passive Houses /EnerPHit buildings. Read more about PHPP...

How to use the map in general

Scroll over the country: its climate zone(s) will be automatically displayed.

Click on the country: View the component guidelines for the country you selected.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that these guidelines allow only a general overview. The values given are for a first orientation. Each specific location will have different requirements which might vary significantly, depending on location, height and individual shading situation.

How do I use the map for component guidelines for my project?


  1. Choose the country by clicking on it
  2. View the component guidelines per region/climate zone
  3. For architects/designers: Enter the project geometry in PHPP. (If you use SketchUp, you can do this via the NEW plugin DesignPH.)
  4. Start your energy balance using components that correspond to above guidelines.
  5. Check the energy balance verification if Passive House/EnerPHit Standard is met.
  6. Optimise the energy balance by trying different component scenarios.

Politician / Decision Maker

  1. Choose the country by clicking on it
  2. View the component guidelines per region/climate zone


  1. Choose your country by clicking on it. An info box will open and display all climate zones.
  2. The box
  3. View the component guidelines per region/climate zone

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See also

The climate data you need is not available in PHPP? Generate it with the Passipedia climate data tool.
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