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Any Passive House project must be planned based on an energy balance.

The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) is an effective and user-friendly energy balancing tool allowing designers to plan and optimise Passive House buildings. It supports all details which need to be considered when planning a Passive House: insulation, airtightness, Thermal bridge free design , Passive House windows, ventilation, heating loads, heating, summer comfort, etc.

This section contains information about the following topics:

When planning a Passive House, all components are important:

The definition of the term “Passive House” and the requirements set up for Passive Houses and EnerPHit-refurbishments can be found here:

The Passive House Institute provides several tools:

Information about Passive Houses in summer can be found here:

Through the refurbishing of buildings, significant energy savings can be made:

The number of non-residential Passive Houses with special user-based requirements is increasing:

Information about planning Passive Houses in different climates:

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