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List of all released conference proceedings from 2019 to 2021

The complete Conference proceedings are available for purchase through the PHI Shop.

Year NO Session Author Title
2021 25 session 13 Arnautu Ionut Dragos, Soflete Marius Lessons learned from the first certified office building in Romania (PHILEB)
2021 25 session 06Aichholzer MartinTaking the Passive House concept even further – consumption in operation and impact on buildings
2021 25 session 09Arena Lois Landmines & Red Flags: How to avoid these when designing VRF space conditioning systems
2021 25 session 10Ariff IfrahEvaluating energy use at two Passive House Plus dwellings In the UK
2021 25 session 07Beattie RonMaking existing homes fit for the future with TCosy Passive Retrofit
2021 25 session 01Behrens ChristianeRichard-van-de-Loo-Straße climate protection settlement in Kleve
2021 25 session 05Bretzke AxelDoes quality assurance of energy-efficient design help reduce construction costs?
2021 25 session 13Clark AlanLow energy free-running paper stores: Moisture buffering model and monitored data
2021 25 session 09Clark AlanExperience of air to water heat pumps for single family passivhaus dwelling
2021 25 session 14Clavero Bega Start walking and the path will become clear: Lessons learned during 10 years of Passivhaus
2021 25 session 12Colclough ShaneDeep energy retrofits: Who benefits, who pays & how to inform effective policy development
2021 25 session 10Collins CillianSoLo prototype and lessons learned for larger scale mass timber Passive House projects
2021 25 session 14Del Carmen Rivero Maria Passive House site supervisors: Skills and knowledge for successful PH building sites
2021 25 session 12Demmler Rolf Real-life performance evaluation of eco-city Passive House apartments in Tianjin, China
2021 25 session 08Drewer Arnold Insulation materials and their properties
2021 25 session 11Fallon Ann-Marie A Scottish EnerPhit retrofit plan: Upgrading the educational estate in an UNESCO World Heritage Site
2021 25 session 14Fallon Ann-Marie Scotland's education estate: Policy ambitions at scale
2021 25 session 13Fillippi Marco Enerphit school in Collecchio, Parma
2021 25 session 14Frank Yetsuh Passive House Retrofits: Climate action in the Northeast US
2021 25 session 08Freundorfer Franz The first sliding door in the phA+ energy efficiency class – the best there is
2021 25 session 16Gollwitzer Esther Multi-pane windows in the PHPP
2021 25 session 15Grant Nick Heating load as a design target revisited
2021 25 session 16Hasper Wolfgang Post-occupancy monitoring: What to observe, how to select equipment
2021 25 session 05Herz Dieter Retrofitting a gymnasium with TES façade elements
2021 25 session 06Horn Gerrit Using the natural resource wood in constructing timbered Passive Houses
2021 25 session 15Hoffart GregPassive or nothing; Passive simple!
2021 25 session 10Holden Pope AllisonBird’s Wing Passive Duplex Plus: Lock-off suites density and flexibility
2021 25 session 09Jones HannahThe application of ambient loop district heating in multi-residential Passive Houses
2021 25 session 04Kah Oliver Passive House non-residential buildings against the background of increasing heat waves
2021 25 session 09Kaufmann Berthold Ventilation systems combined with heat pump for heating, cooling and domestic hot water
2021 25 session 08Kierulf Björn Building the future with carbon storing prefab walls
2021 25 session 02Kreutzer Wesslund Simone Vom Passivhaus Classic über das Passivhaus Eco zum Passivhaus Zero
2021 25 session 06Krick Benjamin Life cycle balances of Passive House building components
2021 25 session 07Kopeining Gerhard Prefabricated EnerPHit retrofit with wood modules
2021 25 session 02Körner Susanne Passive House Standard in straw-bale construction for increased sustainability & climate protection
2021 25 session 05Lange Gerald EnerPHit retrofit for Plus Energy House
2021 25 session 07Langkau Michael pre.Formance – prefabricated system for efficiently retrofitting residential buildings
2021 25 session 04Lepp Laszlo, Neyer Daniel Passive Houses and solar cooling in hot and humid climates (sol.e.h.²)
2021 25 session 01Linnig Jörg Energy-resilient climate protection settlement
2021 25 session 06Linnig Jörg Ärztehaus Waldbröl medical centre celebrates 20 years of proven sustainability – a progress report
2021 25 session 04López Garcia Soraya Guidance for robust summer comfort design
2021 25 session 03Marc GroßklosExperiences of operating two Passive Houses in social housing
2021 25 session 04Menendez JesusPassivhaus Plus high school in warm climate
2021 25 session 14McCarron BarryUsing analogies for fun and impactful Passive House education
2021 25 session 12Mitsiakou EvangelinaLess than 2%: “Reimagine” the building to verify how much extra Passivhaus costs
2021 25 session 09Monteleone WilliamDevelopment of a modular heat pump with compact and silent façade integrated outdoor unit
2021 25 session 01Murschall Hartmut Passive Houses in 100 climate protection settlements in the sustainable energy state of North Rhine-Westphalia
2021 25 session 04Muskatewitz Adrian Solar-electric cooling – potential and limitations
2021 25 session 08Muskatewitz Adrian Limitations to thermal bridge prevention in construction: column connections
2021 25 session 11Navarro Carranza Pablo Turning carbon into diamond in a sustainable and replicable way
2021 25 session 15Navarro Carranza Pablo STOP – Strategies to obtain Passive House
2021 25 session 15Ochs Fabian The role of energy storage in buildings, micro and macro economic considerations
2021 25 session 11Pallantzas Stefanos “Show me your Passive House!” A communication strategy for better buildings
2021 25 session 03Peper Søren Increased satisfaction, decreased consumption and lower summer temperatures: BuildTog Passive House Bremen
2021 25 session 12Peper Søren Improvement on a mass scale:SINFONIA Innsbruck
2021 25 session 11Pezel Vladimir From a Client to a CPHD – Passive House certification journey
2021 25 session 06Prinzing Katharina Timbered Passive House – a holistic evaluation
2021 25 session 03Reinberg Georg W ”Bikes and Rails”: a Passive House as part of social, technical and urban innovation
2021 25 session 12Rolfsmeier Stefanie Measuring the air permeability of a 125-m skyscraper (project experience)
2021 25 session 07Rose Clarence Living cost-neutral EnerPHit retrofits on the rise
2021 25 session 06Rosen Anja Recyclable Passive Houses – construction and evaluation with the Urban Mining Index
2021 25 session 15Sanchez Marine Successful PH feasibility study: How to guide a team through a front-loaded design process
2021 25 session 03Schlüter Christian Affordable housing: Mitigating costs by enhanced PH coordination
2021 25 session 08Schnieders Jürgen Efficient electric hot water production in newly built or retrofitted multi-family houses
2021 25 session 03Schulz Tanja Affordable and energy – efficient multi-storey social housing
2021 25 session 05Schwickert SusanneUser satisfaction versus air quality – ventilation in classrooms
2021 25 session 01Schöberl Helmut Preservation order and Passive House: retrofitting the Art Nouveau Otto- Wagner-Areal district in Vienna
2021 25 session 16Sealey Rick Affordable housing: Mitigating costs by enhanced PH coordination
2021 25 session 10Sifferlen Camille Passive House concepts for India
2021 25 session 13Smith Allan A comparison between two identical nurseries in Scotland – one Passivhaus one traditional
2021 25 session 05Steinmüller Bernd Model project: sustainably transforming existing old single-family homes into premium Passive multi-family housing
2021 25 session 02Steinmüller BerndSecure supply during dark doldrums – Passive Houses as additional power plants (grids)!
2021 25 session 16Still GwilymPassivhaus students' acommodation: Lessons learnt in the UK
2021 25 session 12Stolz Kerstin, Orlik WalterCelebrating 11 years of Heidelberg’s Bahnstadt quarter: quality assurance and monitoring
2021 25 session 10Strang Marcus Passive House Standard for CLT NZEB in tropical climates
2021 25 session 04Style Oliver Passivhaus Keep cool and carry on: Passivhaus cooling experiences in the warm climates
2021 25 session 03Stärz Norbert WohnSinn Bessungen – just your average Passive House?
2021 25 session 05Theumer Susanne Comparing BEG and the EnerPHit Standard based on a single-family home
2021 25 session 16Theumer Susanne Energy consulting with PHPP
2021 25 session 14Tsar Giorgia The International Passive House Association: Growing the Passive House movement worldwide
2021 25 session 13Uriarte Gonzalo-Bilbao Adelina, Albeniz Mariñeralera Pedro Students’ dormitory in Vitoria-Gasteiz/Basque C – Spain: A standard project becomes a PH
2021 25 session 16Unger Tobias Optimisation approaches for affordable and energy-efficient construction
2021 25 session 09Van Eeden Esther Isolation environments: How Passive House = passive Health
2021 25 session 01Valentin Rainer Partner projects as “PER cooperation model” for Passive Houses
2021 25 session 02Valentin Rainer Global carbon budget for buildings
2021 25 session 15Varga Szabolcs A comparative life cycle CO2 analysis of a step-by-step EnerPHit versus a shal- low retrofit
2021 25 session 07Vekemans Etienne Deep Retrofit / outPHit: Lessons learned out of realized outPHit (EnerPHit/Energiesprong)
2021 25 session 02vom Stein Jörg Coworking-Space as a Passive House
2021 25 session 11Westman Ingrid Don’t ask the client – just do it!
2021 25 session 01Wirtz Reiner Accommodation building of the Max-Ernst-Schule boarding school in Euskirchen for LVR Cologne
2021 25 session 13Woestyn Elise, Reyes Elena Charting new territory in Passive House: Vancouver Fire Hall 17
2021 25 session 08 Wolf Markus Tapping into the market with straw-bale construction – the success story of Zimmerei Grünspecht eG
2021 25 session 11Zouari Sonia, Garth Grunerud Parks Canada newest discovery centre, lab & office leading PH+ greening government vision
Year NO Session Author Title
2020 24 Session 00 Aitken, Susann A City In Transition: Glasgow and the Passivhaus Standard
2020 24 Session 16 Akhimien, Noah Gethsemane Exploring passive house and circular economy strategies in tropical West Africa.
2020 24 Session 13 Arizmendi, Sara Velázquez Medical Center in Spain: Design, construction and operation, first results of monitoring
2020 24 Session 10 Arnautu, Dragos-Ionut First certified Passive House building in a very hot and dry climate
2020 24 Session 11 Arnautu, Dragos Monash University: Woodside building for technology and design
2020 24 Session 16 Balla Chetna Exploring reduction of construction costs for Passivhaus pilot project in Bangalore, India
2020 24 Session 15 Beckmannshagen, Lars From school to apartment building: An EnerPHit transition
2020 24 Session 15 Bodem, Mario Retrofit transition of the landmarked hippopotamus house in the Nuremberg Tiergarten towards a zero-energy building
2020 24 Session 10 Bremner, Kaz Passive house and resilience in the face of a warming climate
2020 24 Session 08 Carranza, Navarro Pablo Improving cost-effectiveness on the same multifamily typology and location over five years
2020 24 Session 06 Carranza, Navarro Pablo Laser Scanning and BIM: a powerful and trustful tandem in refurbishment using Enerphit.
2020 24 Session 07 Clavero, Bega EnerPHit airtightness & moisture control: Robust simple solutions for low-leak retrofits
2020 24 Session 14 Collins, Cillian People, Policy and Projects: the uptake of Passive House in British Columbia
2020 24 Session 05 Cunz, Thilo Passive House – naturally sustainable!
2020 24 Session 14 Czerwinska, Anna How to Talk about Passive House
2020 24 Session 12 Deimel, Christoph Passive Houses in Berlin
2020 24 Session 03 Dermentzis, Georgios A new Passive House District - Optimization of Energy Supply and Distribution System
2020 24 Session 00 Feist, Wolfgang Passive House – More than a contribution to climate protection
2020 24 Session 08 Fernandes, Francisco Passive House and the energetic sustainability of the Azores archipelago
2020 24 Session 10 Dietz, Søren Solar gains and thermal effect on living comfort and quality
2020 24 Session 14 Fowler, Mike Washington state energy code path is now equal to PHI low-energy building standard
2020 24 Session 14 Frank, Yetsuh Washington state energy code path is now equal to PHI low-energy building standard
2020 24 Session 09 Freundorfer, Franz Building with tradespeople that just do everything right
2020 24 Session 05 Freundorfer, Franz Passivhaus wird Mainstream – ein einfaches, erprobtes Rezept (Passive house goes mainstream - a simple, proven recipe)
2020 24 Session 10 Frey, Wolfgang Thermischer Komfort im Sommer (Thermal comfort in summer)
2020 24 Session 11 Furukawa, Melissa Beacon in the sky: A residential tower undergoes a stepwise EnerPHit retrofit
2020 24 Session 14 Gavião, João Communicate Passive House – reach a wider audience
2020 24 Session 07 González, García Claudia Retrofitting Asturias architectural heritage
2020 24 Session 07 Goossen, Carl-Peter Initial experiences with the condominium fee model as applied in Assen
2020 24 Session 13 Grant, Nick Applying Passivhaus experience to low-cost archive buildings: First-year results
2020 24 Session 15 Grobe, Carsten Retrofit transformation of the Danish Expo pavilion into a plus-energy building with a PVT heat pump system
2020 24 Session 12 Großklos, Marc Minimising utility bills in the PassivhausSozialPlus: implementing a new idea
2020 24 Session 05 Großklos, Marc Future proof new builds for a climate-neutral building stock in 2050
2020 24 Session 10 Grove-Smith, Jessica The impact of a warming climate on buildings
2020 24 Session 16 Gurcan, Tugba Salman The role of passive house buildings on the development of sustainable cities: Gaziantep Case Study
2020 24 Session 04 Haifeng, Guo The performance-based design and operational analysis of X88 kindergarten
2020 24 Session 03 Hasper, Wolfgang Measured heating load for DHW and space heating in a large Passive House development
2020 24 Session 06 Hatt, Tobias Experiences in the optimization of a running system using simulation software
2020 24 Session 08 Holmes, Jonathan A client's journey to a Passive House premium new home plus post-occupancy feedback
2020 24 Session 13 Hood, Stuart Clayton Heights Community Centre
2020 24 Session 13 Hövermann, Tobias Clayton Heights Community Centre
2020 24 Session 13 Høyer, Barbara Clayton Heights Community Centre
2020 24 Session 06 Iannetti, Roberto Lambda value variations TOOL
2020 24 Session 07 Ingui, Michael Past, present, & future solutions for masonry retrofits
2020 24 Session 05 Jedliczka, Günther Stop climate change now! - Passivhaus & Wirtschaftswandel (Passive House and economic change)
2020 24 Session 04 Jun-wei, Li Uncertainty analysis of airtightness test of passive ultra-low energy buildings based on passive house
2020 24 Session 02 Kah, Oliver Kitchen exhaust systems in Passive House buildings
2020 24 Session 02 Kaufmann, Berthold Heat Pump Kombi Systems - an overview of recent developments not only in China
2020 24 Session 09 Krebs, Philipp High energy efficiency education in technical colleges: An experience report by the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
2020 24 Session 05 Kreutzer-Wesslund, Tommy Knivsta Centre for Sports and Culture
2020 24 Session 09 Kreutzer-Wesslund, Simone Like a spider in a web: Passive House quality assurance
2020 24 Session 15 Krick, Benjamin Windows: That’s how you do it right!
2020 24 Session 02 Krick, Benjamin PH suitable pre-wall mounting systems and accompanied thermal bridges in various climates
2020 24 Session 05 Krick, Benjamin Active, passive or both? Paving the way for an energy transition
2020 24 Session 02 Krick, Benjamin Anisotropic conductivity of fiber-reinforced plastics
2020 24 Session 05 Laatsch, Martin Strong builders – great buildings!
2020 24 Session 06 Lepp, Laszlo Planning ventilation systems with designPH
2020 24 Session 04 Li, Jiandong Analysis and discussion on the Germany PHI certification test of energy recovery ventilators for outdoor air handling
2020 24 Session 04 Li, Pan Research and practice of passive ultra-low energy buildings in hot summer and cold winter
2020 24 Session 01 López, Raquel Marcos Passivhaus Plus housing monitoring mediterranean climate
2020 24 Session 16 Lorente, Martin Clara Infinity: Massivsocialhaus, 150 Passivhaus social dwellings in Getafe, Madrid (Spain)
2020 24 Session 06 Magni, Mara PHPP vs. dynamic simulation – prediction of PV-self-consumption with the PHPP
2020 24 Session 15 Malzer, Harald Konrad Sinfonia: The “French Houses” of Tirol are ready for the energy transition
2020 24 Session 03 Malzer, Harald Konrad Smart City Wörgl: A vision turns reality
2020 24 Session 06 Malzer, Harald Konrad Reliable evaluation procedure for efficiency and investment cost potential in architectural competitions
2020 24 Session 06 Marcelino, João Implementing a Passive House monitoring platform – keep it simple
2020 24 Session 06 May, Edwin New Tools, New Workflows for Combined Dynamic and PHPP Modeling at Scale
2020 24 Session 00 McAllister, Andrew Passive Buildings for Quality of Life, Globe and Grid
2020 24 Session 13 Mc Carron, Barry Erne Campus: Inspiring the future of education
2020 24 Session 04 Mengyue, Peng Challenges and Solution of Complex Non-Residential Passive House and NZEB in China
2020 24 Session 12 Mika, Monika Kosteneffizienter Ersatzneubau des Internatsgebäudes der Förderschule Max Ernst in Euskirchen, Deutschland (Cost-efficient replacement of the boarding school building of the Förderschule Max Ernst in Euskirchen, Germany)
2020 24 Session 10 Munro, Cameron Resilience of Passive Houses to bushfire smoke infiltration
2020 24 Session 10 Muskatewitz, Adrian Heating and cooling with split units (compression cooling) in accordance with thermal comfort goals
2020 24 Session 02 Muskatewitz, Adrian Thermal bridge calculations of balconies with two-dimensional replacement elements
2020 24 Session 01 Nesi, Francesco A landmark for the community on the Adriatic coast: the Passivhaus MEGABOX office
2020 24 Session 07 Oehler, Stefan “ecoworks” realizes the first serial RetroPHit in Germany
2020 24 Session 02 Öttl, Silvia Innovative and energy-efficient fire prevention solutions for ventilation systems
2020 24 Session 01 Pallantzas, Dimitris Economical evaluation between PH and nearly Zero Energy buildings in Greece
2020 24 Session 09 Pallantzas, Stefanos Revolution through education
2020 24 Session 09 Pallantzas, Stefanos Architectural competition for students: Designing a Passivhaus kindergarten
2020 24 Session 16 Pardo, Esteban First Passivhaus Plus office building in Spain
2020 24 Session 13 Peel, Andrew Reducing the Goods: Insight into North America's first Passive House production facility
2020 24 Session 02 Peper, Søren Airtightness products on the test bench
2020 24 Session 01 Petran, Horia An evolution of National nZEB standard using Passive House principles
2020 24 Session 09 Pfluger, Rainer University education as a chance for spreading the Passive House Standard
2020 24 Session 16 Quinn, Stephen Passive House in Cold Climates
2020 24 Session 13 Rivat, Julien ARTIC 42 - the first Passive House hospital facility (dialysis clinic) in France
2020 24 Session 16 Rivat, Julien Single family housing in two construction modes: concrete versus timber frame and straw
2020 24 Session 01 Roßkopf, Thomas Cost optimal nZEB residential new builds
2020 24 Session 04 Ruixue, Li Practice and thoughts of Shoukai Tongzhou affordable high-rise residential project
2020 24 Session 08 Russo, Piero Monitoring of a multi-family PH building in Mediterranean climate
2020 24 Session 08 Sanchez, Marine Defining project-specific PHPP inputs for institutional buildings with commercial kitchens
2020 24 Session 05 Scheiring, Josef MPREIS supermarkets: Experiences from 10 Passive House franchises
2020 24 Session 03 Schnieders, Jürgen Passive House and sector coupling in Germany
2020 24 Session 12 Schulz, Tanja Planning recommendations for energy-efficient housing
2020 24 Session 04 Sheng, Sichen Study on a Passive House nursing home with solar-driven system in warm and humid climates
2020 24 Session 16 Shih-Chieh, Yeh Bangkok first concrete Passive House
2020 24 Session 02 Siddall, Mark Will your roof rot? A moisture risk assessment for Passivhaus buildings with a cold roof
2020 24 Sessoin 16 Sifferlen, Camille Namaste Passive House
2020 24 Session 08 Stathopoulou, Aggeliki Single family house in Chalandri, Greece
2020 24 Session 01 Stephens, Mark Mind the gap : nZEB and Passivhaus : An Irish perspective
2020 24 Session 11 Stewart, Graeme First EnerPHit residential high-rise in North America: The Ken Soble Tower
2020 24 Session 06 St-Jean, Philippe Greenhouse gas emissions calculator for PHPP v9.6
2020 24 Session 08 Straus, Andrew PH as a first step to a net-zero energy building (NZEB) in hot and humid climate zone
2020 24 Session 03 Streicher, Wolfgang Tirol 2050: Visions of a fossil free future
2020 24 Session 08 Studer, Marcel Training in remote communities: Self-built Passive House as an alternate to prefab
2020 24 Session 08 Style, Oliver DHW + PV: all-electric hot water heating for Passive houses, with surplus solar PV top-up
2020 24 Session 07 Sun, Hui Conservation compatible energy retrofit of traditional vernacular dwelling in China
2020 24 Session 16 Theoboldt, Ingo Gibraltar Guesthouse: student flats in Gothenburg
2020 24 Session 14 Tzanev, Dragomir Fighting off energy poverty: can Passive House be the answer?
2020 24 Session 09 Tzanev, Dragomir The nZEB Roadshow: increased market demand as a driver for vocational training services
2020 24 Session 14 Tzar, Giorgia Passive House and the SDGs: Connecting an international building standard with global aims
2020 24 Session 03 Vallentin, Rena Wooden Passive House construction in the city: An ecological living quarter in Munich’s Prinz-Eugen Park
2020 24 Session 07 van Erck, Ron The Energiesprong approach: Affordable, climate-conscious living for all!
2020 24 Session 10 Varga, Szabolcs Climate change mitigation through EnerPHit: Life-Cycle Carbon Emissions Analysis
2020 24 Session 04 Wang, Yin Passive House design strategies and performance: A case study of Gaobeidian Bahnstadt
2020 24 Session 02 Wangelin, Matthias Reduction of Passive House energy demand using mechanical drink water hygienization
2020 24 Session 09 Winkel, Susanne Avoiding the Performance Gap by deepening and disseminating Passive House knowledge
2020 24 Session 04 Yang, Ming Optimization difficulties of PHI certification in Chinese project
2020 24 Session 04 Yi, Zhu A Future Blueprint - How Passive House construction in China becomes easier as we speak
2020 24 Session 04 Yiting, Kang Prediction of indoor air quality in a passive residential house in China
2020 24 Session 11 Yu, Bai Construction control of key technologies in high-rise building of premium Passive House
2020 24 Session 11 Zakrzewski, Stas Developing a replicable methodology for successful Tall Passive House Buildings
Year NO Session Author Title
2019 23 Session 04 Aichholzer, Martin Use of sustainable building materials on the example of the “House of Learning”
2019 23 Austria WS Aichholzer, Martin It's always a question of resources
2019 23 Session 18 Alter, Lloyd Framing the conversation: How do we talk about Passivhaus
2019 23 Session 05 Arnautu, Dragos designPH 2.0 explained - how to apply the new shading
2019 23 Session 09 Arnautu, Dragos Lessons from an EnerPHit Industrial Building in Sri Lanka
2019 23 Session 02 Bai, Yu Construction control and energy consumption operation of passive ultra-low energy green building renovation project
2019 23 Session 20 Bastian, Zeno; Reyes, Elena Project-specific primary energy requirements for Passive House Certification
2019 23 Session 11 Bermich, Ralf Passive House City District Heidelberg-Bahnstadt - Experience and Evaluation
2019 23 Session 12 Bonilauri, Enrico Re-Learning Training: The Need and Potential for Regional and Trades-Specific Training
2019 23 Session 10 Bräunlich, Kristin; Kah, Oliver Extractor hoods in kitchens in energy-efficient buildings
2019 23 Session 19 Byoungyoeol, PARK A Passive House Village in Korea
2019 23 Session 02 Cai, Qian The selection of materials and measures for the airtightness of Passive Houses with different construction types
2019 23 Session 17 Carranza Navarro, Pablo; Lorente Martin, Clara Basa I, Passivhaus multi-family dwelling in Zaragoza (Spain)
2019 23 Session 20 Chen, Cheney; Cillian Explorations in Optimizing PHPP using Grasshopper
2019 23 Session 19 Chen, Shou-Kong Sunyoung Pavilion - A Passive House in Shanghai
2019 23 Session 07 Chuai, Yu PHI certified steel precast construction systems
2019 23 Session 18 Cunz, Thilo Long-term monitoring of the successful energy-efficient Brunck-Quarter modernization
2019 23 Session 19 Demmler, Rolf Tianjin Eco-City Residential High-Rise Passive House
2019 23 Session 01 Deng, Bintao From 0 to 1
2019 23 Session 14 Dermentzis, Georgios; Ochs, Fabian Three years of monitoring analysis of two multi-story net zero energy buildings
2019 23 Session 06 Dietz, Søren Passive House School in the northern part of Denmark: 7 years’ consumption below PHPP calculated values
2019 23 Session 09 Dietz, Søren Final renovated social housing to PH standard with district heating, CO2 emissions of future energy systems
2019 23 Session 06 Failla, Maria Chiara The impact of thermal bridges in reinforced-concrete multi-family house and high-rise projects
2019 23 Session 04 Fallon, Ann-Marie; Pearce, Hugh Delivery of the first ‘high rise’ Passivhaus development in the UK, lessons learned, and carbon impact study
2019 23 Session 03 Fanxuan, Xia Collaborative Design and Research of Fresh Air Ventilation System and Exhaust System for Kitchen and Bathroom in Passive House
2019 23 Session 11 Fei, Han Large-scale Certified Passive House Development in Qingdao, China – Demonstrative Residential Project Settles in Sino-German Ecopark
2019 23 Session 00 Feist, Wolfgang Passive House – building healthy, comfortable and sustainable constructions globally
2019 23 Session 14 Filippi, Marco Pilot Passive House in UAE – Results from Monitoring
2019 23 Session 06 Flechas, Oscar The Valleyview Town Hall: Energy Efficiency in the Canadian Subarctic
2019 23 Session 08 Freundorfer, Franz Passive House Building envelope in all climatic regions – solutions for the practice
2019 23 Session 15 Freundorfer, Franz 20 years of development work on the passive house window, a cool story
2019 23 Session 12 Frey, Wolfgang Thermal Comfort in Summer vs. Large Windows
2019 23 Session 13 Frisque, Andrea; Wimmers, Guido The Wood Innovation Research Laboratory at UNBC, Prince George, BC, Canada
2019 23 Session 18 Goossen, Carl-Peter New Finance model for apartments to approaches neutral living expenses before and after the EnerPHit renovation
2019 23 Session 04 Grove-Smith, Jessica Climate-specific renewable primary energy factors across China
2019 23 Session 13 Grove-Smith, Jessica; Gollwitzer, Esther Passive House Guidelines for Indoor Swimming Pools
2019 23 Session 10 Guo, Haifeng; Liu, Yulin Study of kitchen HVAC design complications and overall ventilation systems in Chinese Passve House residential buildings
2019 23 Session 20 Hasper, Wolfgang; Reyes Bernal; Grove-Smith, Jessica; Schnieders, Jürgen Performance Monitoring Evaluation with PHPP 10
2019 23 Session 11 Higgins, Christopher; Wickham, Andrea City Process for ensuring projects target and achieve Passive House certification
2019 23 Session 09 Hrynyszyn, Bozena Dorota ; Tian, Zhiyong Retrofitting according to the EnerPHit Standard in cold climate - components
2019 23 Austria WS Huber, Martin Lower Austrian State Buildings as Pioneers of the Passive House Standard
2019 23 Session 03 Iannone, Ileana Innovative strategy for retrofitting high rise social housing building stock at a territorial scale: the case study of Torri Madonna Bianca – Trento (Italy)
2019 23 Session 09 Ingui, Michael Combining a Systematic Approach with Final Design Benefits to Passive Retrofits
2019 23 Session 19 Jiang, Fuzhao; Gao Design, optimization and construction of residential building 40# in Project Phase I in Beijing (Caofeidian) Modern Industry Development Experimental Zone (first zone of Eco-city)
2019 23 Session 13 Kaufmann, Berthold Office and residential Passive House building in Zhuozhou, China − focus on monitoring
2019 23 Session 03 Kaufmann, Berthold; Jiang, Huijun Ventilation+AC design layout for apartments in (Chinese) cooling climates
2019 23 Session 14 Kaufmann, Berthold; Sheng, Sichen; Liu, Bin; Song, Binlei Qingdao PHTEC monitoring within two years of operation
2019 23 Session 16 Kislinger, Johannes; Huber, Martin Refurbishment of the Primary School and Gymnasium, Ziersdorf
2019 23 Session 15 Kramer, Roman Reducing Structural Thermal Bridge Effects – A best practice study on Passive House projects in China
2019 23 Austria WS Krapmeier, Helmut Austrian State Award for Architecture and Sustainability
2019 23 Session 15 Krick, Benjamin; Lowes, Edward Component Award 2019 - Window of the Future
2019 23 Session 11 Lang, Günter Reduction of the heating demand of buildings by 50% until 2050
2019 23 Session 06 Lebinger, Thomas Passive houses for active students - providing knowledge about eco-efficient buildings
2019 23 Session 16 Lepp, Laszlo SINFONIA – Selection of outcomes and best practice examples from Innsbruck
2019 23 Austria WS Lepp, Laszlo Awarded Chinese office buildings – Certified supermarkets and other non-residentials from Austria
2019 23 Session 19 Li, Chun; Gao, Jianhui Optimization of the U-value of exterior walls with external insulation and of the g-value of glass in Chinese hot-summer and cold-winter regions
2019 23 Session 07 Lingchen, Kong Key points of passive building design control from the perspective of Party A
2019 23 Session 15 López García, Soraya PHI certification of transparent and opaque building envelope components
2019 23 Session 08 López-García, Soraya; Lowes, Edward Uptake of native Certified Passive House Components by the Chinese passive construction sector - a gap analysis
2019 23 Session 07 Lu, Mingzhe German passive house technology “Chinese style re-innovation”
2019 23 Session 05 May, Edwin Using Sketchup as an Information Modeler for Enhancing Accuracy and Simplifying Certification
2019 23 Session 14 Menendez, Jesus Keeping overheating cool
2019 23 Session 02 Meyer-Olbersleben, Michael Measuring the air tightness in highrise buildings
2019 23 Session 01 Michulec, Dawid Passive house experience from South China
2019 23 Austria WS Michulec, Dawid Lessons learned after 5 years of pioneering work in Asia
2019 23 Session 14 Mori, Miwa Measured data of the Passive Town Phase 3 in Kurobe
2019 23 Session 18 Murschall, Hartmut Passive houses in 50 solar and 100 climate protection estates in the former coal and steel region North Rhine-Westphalia
2019 23 Session 03 Ochs, Fabian; Siegele, Dietmar; Calabrese, Toni; Dermentzis, Georgios Ventilation, heating and domestic hot water preparation with decentral compact heat pumps
2019 23 Session 13 Peel, Andrew Shifting Gears: A Passive House Car Dealership in the Making
2019 23 Session 02 Peng, Mengyue Practice and thoughts on whole-process quality control of ultra-low energy passive buildings in China
2019 23 Session 02 Peper, Søren; Schnieders, Jürgen Guidelines for airtightness measurements in highrise buildings
2019 23 Session 18 Ploss, Martin Only numbers count – life cycle costs in social housing
2019 23 Session 04 Quinn, Jason PHPP and LCAQuick - an integrated energy / Life Cycle Assessment toolset
2019 23 Session 19 Radeva, Gergina Multifamily homes in China – initial design, optimisation potential and the impact of it
2019 23 Austria WS Reinberg, Georg Austria, Passive House and Reinberg`s Architecture: an evolution 1982-2020
2019 23 Session 06 Reinberg, Georg W. Realizing the ecological civilisation
2019 23 Session 11 Reyes Bernal, Elena; Flórez, Javier Implementation of the Passive House standard in social housing in Mexico, lessons learned
2019 23 Session 08 Rongen, Ludwig Prefabricated Passive Houses in modular construction
2019 23 Session 17 Russo, Piero Cost-effective multi-family building in warm climate
2019 23 Session 13 Sanchez, Marine Strategies for improving energy efficiencies in large institutional kitchens
2019 23 Session 10 Schirmer, Stefan Ventilation system in Chinese Passive House: Challenges with integration of WC and kitchen in heat recovery
2019 23 Session 20 Schnieders, Jürgen A calculation procedure for the heat losses caused by vented drain pipes
2019 23 Session 20 Schnieders, Jürgen; Collins PHPP validation according to ASHRAE 140
2019 23 Session 16 Schöberl, Helmut; Schriefl, Ernst EnerPHit renovation of a residential building in Vienna with preservation of its historical facade
2019 23 Austria WS Schriefl, Ernst World‘s first plus-energy office high-rise building (Vienna, Austria)
2019 23 Session 04 Schulze Darup, Burkhard; Krick, Benjamin Sustainable supply systems in multi-storey residential buildings
2019 23 Session 17 Sepulveda Corradini, Juan Pablo Meeting the passive house standard through parametric design
2019 23 Session 07 Shaobiao, Zhao Analysis on the development status and application of assembled ultra-low energy buildings
2019 23 Session 17 Sheng, Sichen Efficient Cooling and Dehumidification Strategies for Passive Houses in Warm and Hot Climates
2019 23 Session 01 Shuhui, Tian R&D Centre Hebei Academy of Building Research - Sino-German Energy-Efficient Buildings
2019 23 Session 07 Shuo, Li; Liu, Lei Study on the Design of Passive House without Thermal Bridge–Taking the Community Center Project of Passive Houses in Sino-German Ecological Park as an Example
2019 23 Session 12 Si, Daxiong; Liu, Yabo The significance of Passive House education in Chinese colleges and universities
2019 23 Session 05 Sifferlen, Camille designPH 2.0 - What new shading algorithms can do for you!
2019 23 Session 19 Stefan, Schirmer Social Housing in Beijing in Passive House standard
2019 23 Session 20 Steiger, Jan PHPP 10 - The design tool for robustness and future proof buildings
2019 23 Session 16 Steinmüller, Bernd From Experimental to Passive House Plus: Some 4-Decade Insights
2019 23 Session 08 Strang, Marcus Material Benefits and Risks of Cross Laminated Timber for Passive House Construction in Tropical Climates
2019 23 Austria WS Streicher, Wolfgang New and refurbished low Cost Passive Houses in Tyrol/Austria – Technology and Results of Measurements
2019 23 Session 16 Streicher, Wolfgang; Pfluger, Rainer; Sengl, Lukas Results of deep renovation of two austrian Schools
2019 23 Session 09 Sun, Hui; Zhao, Xing Building airtightness and Chinese craft – the Ao’ni Courtyard project in Songyang, China, as an example of how traditional timber construction can achieve EnerPHit
2019 23 Session 07 Tao, Wen; Ke, Yang Analysis for outdoor air system heat recovery of commercial passive house
2019 23 Session 09 Tumbas, Milica; Chen, Lovell Old Quad - Significant Heritage building retrofitting to Passive House EnerPHit Standard
2019 23 Austria WS Turrini, Marcello Green Building Solutions for students - Summer School Design Workshop
2019 23 Session 00 Ürge-Vorsatz, Diana TBD
2019 23 Session 09 Varga, Szabolcs Case study of a pre-certified step-by-step retrofit to EnerPHit Standard of a 1950`s building located in a cold climate zone
2019 23 Session 06 Verhulst, Graeme Passive House Goes to Work: A Commercial Office Case Study
2019 23 Session 00 von Weizsäcker, Ernst Ulrich Come On
2019 23 Session 01 Wang, Yafeng; Yang, Ming Application of passive house technology in Tianjin hotel
2019 23 Session 17 Wassouf, Micheel Chengdu mixed use building – a passive house challenge in the heart of China
2019 23 Session 15 Weber, Hagen “Passive house certified curtain walls / The difficult relation between demand & reality”
2019 23 Session 07 Wei, Lin-bin; Li, Qi Discussion on design of passive ultra-low energy building based on performance measurements
2019 23 Session 03 Wei, Xing Research on air distribution of all-in-one HVAC systems based on Airpak simulation
2019 23 Session 06 Whitmore, Dan; Boetzel, Alex Verified successful Airtightness Approaches in the US and the PNW
2019 23 Session 12 Winkel, Susanne Quality assurance through further training
2019 23 Session 10 Xiao, Peng; Liu, Lei Exhaust fumes and air exhaust system in kitchen of a Passive House residential building
2019 23 Session 08 Xiaodong, Xia; Zitong, Wang; Zebin, Chai; Yu, Shi Prefabricated, thermal bridge-free light steel and light slurry walls
2019 23 Session 07 Yu, Mou Let Passive House construction become “Non-passive”
2019 23 Session 07 Zhang, Funan; Wei, Hedong Study on the performance of doors and windows installed in the optimal insulation position of different wall structures
2019 23 Session 19 Zhang, Huanlin Huangshan reception Center project of Shandong Hua Jian Aluminium Industry Group
2019 23 Session 12 Zhang, Huifang Design strategies for thermally broken Passive House details
2019 23 Session 01 Zhang, Peng; Yun, Qinghua Research on key technologies for passive ultra low energy consumption in central China
2019 23 Session 10 Zhao, Yang Discussion of Selfbalance Oil Fume Purifier in Passive Room Kitchen

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