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List of all released conference proceedings from 2015 to 2018

Year NO Session Author Title Page NO
2018 22 Preface Feist, Wolfgang Preface by the editor 5
2018 22 Opening Remarks Aigner, Ilse Opening remarks for the conference proceedings of the 22nd International Passive House Conference 9
2018 22 Opening Remarks Herrmann, Joachim Opening remarks for the conference proceedings of the 22nd International Passive House Conference 11
2018 22 Opening Remarks Jacobs, Stephanie Opening remarks for the conference proceedings of the 22nd International Passive House Conference 13
2018 22 Opening Remarks Degenhart, Christine Opening remarks for the conference proceedings of the 22nd International Passive House Conference 15
2018 22 Opening Remarks Kordon, Michael Opening remarks for the conference proceedings of the 22nd International Passive House Conference 17
2018 22 Plenary Session Feist, Wolfgang The Passive House - a solution for affordable housing 69
2018 22 Session I Reich, Karin Passive Houses managed by the Bavarian state through Bayrische Staatsbauverwaltung 85
2018 22 Session I Hochhuber, Josef The Bavarian 10,000 Houses Programme - promotion of efficient and system-relevant buildings 91
2018 22 Session I Vallentin, Gernot; Vallentin, Rena Passive House in Munich and its surroundings 97
2018 22 Session I Kirschbaum, Alexander; Kuckelkorn, Jens M. Monitoring and operational optimisation of a new Passive House school building 103
2018 22 Session I Klaffke, Julius Sustainable urban district of the future 109
2018 22 Session I Brütsch, Andrea; Freundorfer, Franz Passive House through cooperation in regional networks - it's worth it! 115
2018 22 Session II Siegele, Dietmar; Ochs, Fabian; Feist, Wolfgang Simulation study on the use of enthalpy exchangers in cold climates 123
2018 22 Session II Wollnow, Jörg Possible applications for a new vapour control layer based on hygrobrid technology 129
2018 22 Session II Kluth, Solitair Building materials in the spotlight - economics, ecology and grey energy 135
2018 22 Session II Pfluger, Rainer Reproducible low-cost solutions for Passive House multi-storey residential buildings, Campagne site, Innsbruck (Austria) 141
2018 22 Session II Sambale, Martin; Andreas-Tschiesche, Peter Using Passive House certification to avoid mistakes 147
2018 22 Session II Stegemann, Michael; Roik, Matthias Thermal optimization of anchoring components, here: brickwork support brackets 153
2018 22 Session III Zakrzewski, Stas The Importance of Embodied Energy in Today's Passive House Design 161
2018 22 Session III Byrne, Deborah; Arifuzzaman, Andrew 750 Bed University Student Residence; Driving Change for High Performance Building in North America 167
2018 22 Session III Nicholson, Brandon; Semke, Zack Passive House Proof in Pittsburgh: Profit + Paris Progress 173
2018 22 Session III Picciano, Lucio MARKET RATE PASSIVE DESIGN - VANCOUVER, BC 179
2018 22 Session III Maurer, Alexander Monitoring Canada's Northernmost Passive House 185
2018 22 Session III Wall, Stephanie; Wimmers, Guido A comparative LCA of the Wood Innovation Research Lab: An industrial PH for cold climates 187
2018 22 Session III Fahssi, Elias Calgary, Carbon, and Components: Opportunities for Passive House in “C-Town” 189
2018 22 Session III Moorhead, Buck Passive Design on the Sly 193
2018 22 Session III Paulsen, Monte; Montgomery, James Clearing the air: Is flowrate a suffcient measure of kitchen range hood efficacy? 195
2018 22 Session III Zouari, Sonia Passive House Feasibility in Extreme Cold Climates 197
2018 22 Session III Peel, Andrew PER assessment of a large mixed-used student dorm 201
2018 22 Session III Romano, Adam HANAC Corona: Ensuring Affordability at all Stages od Multifamily Affordable Passive House Construction 203
2018 22 Session IV Colclough, Shane; Mullins, Seamus; Mernagh, John; Sinnott, Derek; Tansey, Peter; Riley, David; Foster, Scott; Hewitt, Neil J; Griffiths, Philip The Passive House standard and its relevance for the implementing nZEB and the Global UN framework for energy efficient buildings. 207
2018 22 Session IV Knoch, Birgit Luxembourg - more than just banks 213
2018 22 Session IV Meitern, Maarja Long-term renovation strategies for housing providers: 4 international case studies 219
2018 22 Session IV Herz, Dieter Implementing and securing Passive House requirements in public buildings 225
2018 22 Session IV Grant, Nick; Grylls, Charles Passivhaus for the many not the few 231
2018 22 Session IV Jedliczka, Günther Educate yourself and influence others through what you are. Wilhelm von Humboldt 239
2018 22 Session IV Feirer, Martina Passive House is child's play - knowledge transfer for the builders of tomorrow 241
2018 22 Session IV Tzanev, Dragomir The Building Knowledge Hubs Network: Successful Implementation of Passive House training courses in South and Eastern Europe 243
2018 22 Session IV McKenzie; Fiona Superpod® - Without a certificate, it's just a passive house. Or is it? 245
2018 22 Session V Bodem, Mario; Aurbach, Markus Passive House school project - using Passive House standard to reduce costs - operational experience and additional optimisation strategies 249
2018 22 Session V Horn, Gerrit The real costs of building components 255
2018 22 Session V Spiß, Engelbert Showcase project: the first 5-euro residential building to meet the Passive House Standard in Tyrol 261
2018 22 Session V Stein, Britta; von Malottki, Christian Reducing ancillary costs in social housing 267
2018 22 Session V Nordhoff, Andreas Colonia: Passive House with 4 kWh/(m²a) for heating and hot water built for less than 2,000 euros/m² 273
2018 22 Session VI Schöberl, Helmut; Kronberger, Andreas Passive House refurbishment on an occupied property 281
2018 22 Session VI Rentzsch, Friedrich-Günther Wichtel integration nursery in Lübbenau/Spreewald 289
2018 22 Session VI Le Levé, Clemens; Badergruber, Thomas; Flach, Michael Ecological retrofit with a new façade system using the example of the Mayrhof farmhouse in Trins 295
2018 22 Session VI Schnieders, Jürgen An attempt to explain why old buildings do not consume as much heat as was thought 301
2018 22 Session VI Iannetti, Roberto; Kaufmann, Berthold Reconciling efficiency - Economical evaluation of refurbishment for a condominium in Northern Italy 307
2018 22 Session VI Music, Admir; Burkert, Matthias Air distribution: utilising the façade/experiences from the Sinfonia research project (A) 309
2018 22 Session VII Buisán, Barambio Premium, ecological and self-sufficient. A house in Mallorca 317
2018 22 Session VII Nesi, Francesco; Iannone, Ileana; Tselifis, Matteo A systematic LCC analysis for the Mediterranean: the wmblematic case of Italy 323
2018 22 Session VII Pallantzas, Stefan Can a single 2kW Mini-split heat and cool a 100m² passive house? 331
2018 22 Session VII Oliveira, Rui; Vicente, Romeu; Andrade, Luís; Varajão, Joana; Loureiro, Júlio; Lopes, Emanuel Innovative sustainable construction: Energy independent CLT Passive House for South Europe 337
2018 22 Session VII Dobrevski, Svetlin HOW TO GET COST-EFFECTIVE SUMMER COMFORT 339
2018 22 Session VII Gavião, João; Marcelino, João Passive House in Brazil: different solutions for different climatic conditions 341
2018 22 Session VII Stathopoulou, Aggeliki; Pallantzas, Stefan Single family Passive House Plus in Attica, Greece 343
2018 22 Session VII Russo, Piero; Faganello, Stefano Cost-effective MEP solutions for a multifamily building in Mediterranean climate 345
2018 22 Session VII Abercromby, Andrew Keith Construction & evaluation of a complex Passivhaus in the warm climate of Western Australia 347
2018 22 Session VII Clarke, Alan; Godber, Sally Boundary conditions for robust summer comfort predictions in PHPP 351
2018 22 Session VII Treberspurg, Martin; Treberspurg, Christoph; Hofbauer, Wilhelm Summer-proofed Passive House residential buildings with thermally activated reinforced concrete ceilings 353
2018 22 Session VII Arda, Can A Modular Approach to Building Purpose-Oriented Self-Sufficient Structures 355
2018 22 Session VIII Calvo, Juan; Cuesta, Pablo Passivhaus users and BIM. How to make the most of Revit models on PHPP certifications 359
2018 22 Session VIII Martel, Tim Time Saving tools for PHPP 365
2018 22 Session VIII Crilly, Michael; Toledo, Linda Convergence and interoperability of BIM with passive design principles 371
2018 22 Session VIII Cremers, Bart; Bakker, Tristan Technologies to overcome effects of codensation in exchangers of ventilation units - analysis of monitored field studies 379
2018 22 Session VIII Kalnciems, Krisjanis; Mitrevica, Mare The Passive House standard as the backbone for successful PPP infrastructure development projects 385
2018 22 Session VIII Kampouropoulos, Konstantinos; Crespo Sánchez, Eva; Marcía i Cid, Jordi; Cases Fàbregas, Laia; Castellà, Marc A novel methodology for the optimisation of the retrofitting actions in building of the tertiary sector 391
2018 22 Session VIII Ottinger, Oliver; Peper, Søren Monitoring and modelling heat losses through interior waste pipes and downpipes 393
2018 22 Plenary Session Schönfeld, Janna Challenge deep energy retrofit: EU framework and support 397
2018 22 Plenary Session Heidrich, Frank Opening remarks for the conference proceedings of the 22nd International Passive House Conference 399
2018 22 Plenary Session Schulze Darup, Burkhard Passive House - Quo vadis? 401
2018 22 Plenary Session Burrell, Elrond Love Passive House 413
2018 22 Session IX Lepp, Laszlo; Reich, Mario MPREIS Passive House supermarkets - an economic success story 417
2018 22 Session IX Robrecht, Andreas; Kuckelkorn, Jens M. Monitoring and operational optimisation of the Plus Energy school Schmuttertal-Gymnasium in Diedorf 423
2018 22 Session IX Peper, Søren; Hasper, Wolfgang Monitoring: Passive House Quality Administrative Building of the Polive Service 429
2018 22 Session IX Moll, Rainer Solving problems arising in maintaining a comfortable indoor climate in the Passive House 435
2018 22 Session IX Reiter, Olaf IHD Conference centre in Dresden - the next generation lecture hall 441
2018 22 Session IX Endhardt, Martin Office building using hybrid construction 447
2018 22 Session X Krick, Benjamin Opportunities presented by Germany's energy transition for buildings supplied with electricity 455
2018 22 Session X Schnieders, Jürgen Energy balancing at district level 463
2018 22 Session X Vallentin, Rainer; Mühlhaus, Jens PER investment model with a sustainability component 469
2018 22 Session X Grove-Smith, Jessica Active cooling in the context of a renewable energy supply 477
2018 22 Session X Vallentin, Rainer; Schröferl, Martin Energy autonomous Passiv House 483
2018 22 Session X Reinwald, Martin; Hochhuber, Josef Energy storage and grid regulation for highly efficient buildings - wind heating 2.0 489
2018 22 Session XI Rongen, Ludwig; Wirtz, Reiner SAYYAS Passive House window factory in Harbin (Northern China) 497
2018 22 Session XI Bingtao, Deng The development and mode exploration of passive ultra-low energy buildings in China 503
2018 22 Session XI Lu, Mingzhe; Zhao, Xing Practical experiments and implementation of the Passive House concept in China 509
2018 22 Session XI Lee, Myoungju; Lee, Eungshin; Lim, Inyok; Kim, Jeongun Application of Passive House Standard Technique on the First Zero Energy Houseing Complex in Nowon District, Korea 515
2018 22 Session XI Zou, Aijuan; Hu, Yiheng; Liu, Yulin Passive House HVAC System Design Case Study 521
2018 22 Session XI Zhicai, Han; Chenbo, Tianjin The Application of GEPS in Chinese Passive Houses 527
2018 22 Session XII Mitchell, Rachel; Natarajan, Sukumar Providing Passivhaus: Post occupancy evaluation of certified Passivhaus homes in the UK 531
2018 22 Session XII Clarke, Alan; Grant, Nick; Jarvis, Andy Next Generation Passivhaus Archives 537
2018 22 Session XII Menendez, Jesus A Passivhaus Photo Set Studio: Project and User Experiences 543
2018 22 Session XII Dixon, Bertie Efficient heat system design in large PassivHaus multifamily buildings; UK experience 549
2018 22 Session XII Bradshaw, Frances Moisture, embodied energy & other qualities of natural materials. 555
2018 22 Session XII Stephens, Mark Designing with the vernacular in relation to planning & Passivhaus - An Irish Perspective 557
2018 22 Session XII Sutherland, Julian Hampshire Passivhaus Site Sensitive design for health, wellbeing and low carbon living 563
2018 22 Session XII Miščević, Ljubomir; Miščević, Mark First ECO-SANDWICH® House - Aesthetics of Social Housing Passive House with prefabricated wall panels 571
2018 22 Session XII Tresidder, Esmond Scottish Passive House as wind-energy buffers 577
2018 22 Session XII Dehlin, Stefan Passive house construction in sub-arctic climate 579
2018 22 Session XII Monteyne, Hugo; Lazova, Marija; Laverge, Jelle; De Paepe, Michel Remaining energy requirement of a residential passive house in Belgium using PV and energy storage. 581
2018 22 Session XII Riis Dietz, Søren Passive and active cooling in 3 PH row houses in DK. 583
2018 22 Session XIII Bräunlich, Kristin Component Award 2018 - ventilation can be affordable 587
2018 22 Session XIII Stärz, Norbert Ventilation in housing - centralised, decentralised or somewhere in between? 593
2018 22 Session XIII Schulz, Tanja; Kah, Oliver; Bräunlich, Kristin New concepts for controlled ventilation: component-integrated ventilation in residential construction 601
2018 22 Session XIII Strobl, Thomas; Wirnsberger, Markus; Krause, Harald Simple ventilation systems for residential buildings - investigations in a research apartment 609
2018 22 Session XIII Kah, Oliver Summer comfort in residential buildings: additional cooling potential/new assessment approach 615
2018 22 Session XIII Rojas, Gabriel; Delp, Woody; Singer, Brett C. Testing recirculating cooker hoods - Can their filter reduce (ultra)fine particale loads during cooking? 623
2018 22 Session XIII Goebel, Matthias Air heating and comfort - can new system designs make this possible? 627
2018 22 Session XIII Feist, Mirko System optimisation: from minimal monitoring to precision measuring 629
2018 22 Session XIV Opitsch, Wolf; Vallentin, Gernot; Lemoni, Margarita Ecological model housing development in Prinz Eugen Park 633
2018 22 Session XIV Leitschuh, Stephan Life cycle analysis of residential buildings 639
2018 22 Session XIV Sutter, Christoph; Hatt, Tobias The HEROES ecobalance - simplified data recording and holistic assessment for residential buildings 651
2018 22 Session XIV Speigner, Simon Hummelkaserne timber housing complex, Graz, Austria 657
2018 22 Session XIV Lütkemeyer, Ingo; Salbeck, Mathias; Korhammer, Susanne Stadtwerke Neustadt - a zero-emission building completed using sustainable construction 663
2018 22 Session XIV Vallentin, Gernot The aesthetics aspects of indoor climate control 669
2018 22 Session XV Norwood, Zack; Archer, Dan-Eric; Theoboldt, Ingo Evaluation of a step-by-step million program deep retrofit to passive house with building integrated PV roof and façade 677
2018 22 Session XV Ingui, Michael Game Changing Realities 685
2018 22 Session XV Style, Oliver; Fulcarà, Vincenç Step-by-step or one big jump? A multi-story residential EnerPHit project in Girona, Spain 691
2018 22 Session XV Steiger, Jan; Frank, Yetsuh A New York high-rise retrofit study 697
2018 22 Session XV Pardo Calderón, Esteban Pilot Office Building from the National Government of Spain meets Passive House and BREEAM 703
2018 22 Session XV Vicente, Romeu; Oliveira, Rui; Melo, Bernardo; Varum, Artur Running after the Passive House Concept: Adaption of a three storey building in execution 709
2018 22 Session XV Rodrigues, Fernanda; Dinis Alves; Ana; Costa, Aníbal; Álvares, Manuela Energy retrofit of a historic heritage building in Oporto 711
2018 22 Session XV Petran, Horia; Varga, Szabolcs; Petcu, Cristian Renovation of a 1977 experimental house to the Passive House and national nZEB standards 713
2018 22 Session XVI Meyer-Olbersleben, Michael Passive House museum, quality assurance, PH model houses and 1 million m² of building land 717
2018 22 Session XVI Langenkamp, Olav A system facade integrating heating, ventilation and energy production. 721
201822 Session XVI Mikeska, Tomas; Feist, Mirko Measurement and certification of air-to-air heat pumps based on realistic operating conditions 723
201822 Session XVI Bonilauri, Enrico External vs internal air tightness: understanding risks and potential savings in climate-specific solutions 729
201822 Session XVI Schulze, Michael; Sevela, Pavel Drain Water Heat Recovery - technology principles and planning recommendations 735
201822 Session XVI Varga, Szabolcs; Petran, Horia Life cycle cost assessment of a small cost-effective Passive House in Eastern Europe 741
201822 Session XVI Shin, Jooyun; Leigh, Seung-Bok Energy Consumption Analysis of Ventilation Cooling Applied in an Office Building in Korea 743
201822 Plenary Session Hochhuber, Josef; Feist, Wolfgang; Kreutzer, Simone; Freundorfer, Franz; Wassouf, Micheel; Krapmeier, Helmut 'Passive house - it's worth it!' How to effectively implement high energy efficiency at the regional level 749
2017 21 Preface Feist, Wolfgang Preface by the editor 5
2017 21 Opening Remarks Chorherr, Christoph Opening remarks for the conference proceedings of the 21st International Passive House Conference 9
2017 21 Opening Remarks Ludwig, Michael Opening remarks for the conference proceedings of the 21st International Passive House Conference 11
2017 21 Opening Remarks Liebel, Günter Opening remarks for the conference proceedings of the 21st International Passive House Conference 13
2017 21 Opening Remarks Paula, Michael Opening remarks for the conference proceedings of the 21st International Passive House Conference 15
2017 21 Plenary Session Feist, Wolfgang Passive House - a convincing solution for NZEB 65
2017 21 Session I Treberspurg, Martin Architecture for the future - solar Passive House buildings 79
2017 21 Session I Feirer, Martina; Frankel, Alexandra mineroom Leoben - Timbered Passive House student dormitory 87
2017 21 Session I Ploss, Martin Energy efficiency makes economic sense - results of the KliNaWo model project in Vorarlberg 93
2017 21 Session I Berger, Michael; Hermann, Hubert PASSIVE HOUSE - WOHNHEIM GLEISDREIECK 99
2017 21 Session I Kopeinig, Gerhard Retrofitting and converting a protected fire station into a music school in Velden am Wörthersee, Austria 105
2017 21 Session I Sonnleithner, Manfred Living in a Passive House - 15 years on 111
2017 21 Session II Streicher, Wolfgang; Ilmer, Alois; Pfluger, Rainer; Mautner, Petra; Kleewein, Klaus The SINFONIA EU smart city demonstration project in Innsbruck and Bolzano 119
2017 21 Session II Spiß, Engelbert EU Sinfonia project - implemented by NEUE HEIMAT TIROL 125
2017 21 Session II Neumann, Werner Comprehensive energy strategy - efficient community use of renewable energy 131
2017 21 Session II Steigern, Jan; Failla, Maria Chiara International EnerPHit requirements and thermal bridges 137
2017 21 Session II Malzer, Harald Konrad; Lepp, Laszlo; Weber, Jens Erik SINFONIA guideline for nearly zero energy neighbourhoods - 143
2017 21 Session II Bastian, Zeno The EnerPHit Retrofit Plan 149
2017 21 Session II Ottinger, Oliver; Gressier, Florian; Hohm, Melanie; Peper, Soeren Electric Energy Efficiency for Households: The next step towards the NZEB 157
2017 21 Session III Fasouli, Myrtia EnerPHit on London's heritage properties: Adams Row Case Study 161
2017 21 Session III Pardo Calderon, Esteban First EnerPHit Experience in Spanish Historical Heritage 167
2017 21 Session III Zakrzewski, Stas Strategies to Retrofit Typical Existing US Housing Stock into EnerPHit and Ener PHit Plus 173
2017 21 Session III Sternová, Zuzana; Grünner, Roman Deep renovation of a residential building towards the NZEB standard 179
2017 21 Session III Binachi Janetti, Michele Numerical investigation of the moisture risk at beam ends in buildings with internal insulation 185
2017 21 Session III Augustin, Martin Retrofit of an 80-year-old residential row house to Passive House standard in a heritage protection area 187
2017 21 Session III Coyle, Daniel Proof of concept: EnerPHit retrofit is viable for widespread application in Ireland 189
2017 21 Session III Ingui, Michael Better Design and Community through Passive House 191
2017 21 Session III Cho, In; Shields, Timothy; D'Silva, Karena; Shea, Maureen A Passive House mosaic for a NYC urban infill residential retrofit and extension 193
2017 21 Session III Volf, Martin; Lupíšek, Antonín; Hejtmánek, Petr Modular solutions for deep energy retrofitting - introduction and progress of the MORE-CONNECTn project 195
2017 21 Session IV Todd, James; Selby, GarethThe Enterprise Centre, University of East Anglia by Architype 199
2017 21 Session IV Nesi, Francesco; Larcher, Marco; Bombasaro, Andrea; Iannone, Ileana “La Provvidenza”: Passivhaus energy retrofit of a large non-residential building in Italy 205
2017 21 Session IV Vallentin, Gernot Educational facilities in different climates - a practical comparison 211
2017 21 Session IV Ryall, William Artists' Residence, Vermont USA 217
2017 21 Session IV McCarron, Barry CREST - Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies 223
2017 21 Session IV Boráková, Helena; Borák, Dalibor MUNICIPAL ART SCHOOL KARLA MALICHA, HOLICE 229
2017 21 Session IV McNally, Paul Ireland's First PassivHaus Pharmacy 231
2017 21 Session V Nocke, Bettina; Jähnig, Dagmar; Fink, Christian; Venus, David Façade-integrated building services for the high quality retrofit of multi-family houses 235
2017 21 Session V Österreicher, Doris; Sattler, Stefan; Treberspurg, Martin Renovating a protected building with Passive House components 241
2017 21 Session V Worch, Anatol PH with iterior insulation? Influencing variables-systems-possibilities-limits 247
2017 21 Session V Freundorfer, Franz Three in one go: EnerPHit innovation combines envelope, window and ventilation! 253
2017 21 Session V Bastian, Zeno The EnerPHit Retrofit Plan 259
2017 21 Session VI Horn, Phillip; Beigelböck, Barbara; Lindmeier, Ines; Eder, Katharina Energy concumption in passive office buildings - development and operational experience 269
2017 21 Session VI Selke, Tim Reality check for th ENERGYbase - seven years of energy operations at a Passive House office property in Vienna 275
2017 21 Session VI Rolfsmeier, Stefanie; Simons, Paul Measuring airthigtness in a large, high multi-family Passive House when exposed to wind and thermal currents 281
2017 21 Session VI Tepe, Rainer; Heitland, Christoph Operating experiences with PH systems technology in the “zero:e park” 289
2017 21 Session VI Peper, Søren; Schulz, Tanja; Hasper, Wolfang; Ottinger, Oliver Commissioning and operational optimisation as success factors for energy-efficient buildings 295
2017 21 Session VI Schirmer, Stefan Quality assurance during construction - challenges faced when building Passive Houses in China 303
2017 21 Session VII Infante Barbossa, Ernesto; Reyes Bernal, Elena EcoCasa SHF-LAIF: Introducing Social Passive Houses in Mexico 307
2017 21 Session VII Mori, Miwa Measured Data of Supply Air Cooling in Ibaraki PH 313
2017 21 Session VII Pallantzas, Stefan; Pappas, Ioannis Passivistas EnerPHit Project in Atehns: One year overall measurements, one year of living 319
2017 21 Session VII Filippi, Marco; Dorigo, Michele; Bonotto, Mauro Office Building certified to Passive House Standard in Dubai, UAE 325
2017 21 Session VII Tribus, Michael; Faganello, Stefano PASSIVE HOUSE PREMIUM in a warm and humid climate in Italy with ventilation system for both heating and cooling 331
2017 21 Session VII Schnieders, Jürgen Simulating air humidity correctly: taking measurements to validate hygrothermal building simulations using DYNBIL 337
2017 21 Session VII Merigo, Alessandro Optimal System for a Mediterranean Climate (such as Italian) 339
2017 21 Session VII Castaño, Juan Manuel LOW TECH PH in one of the hottest places in Europe. Warm climate strategies with PHPP 341
2017 21 Session VIII Goossen, Carl-Peter Integrated Project Delivery through Building information Model renovation Presikhaaf Arnhem 345
2017 21 Session VIII Ottinger, Oliver; Feng, Tianyuan; Rupps, Waldemar; Schulz, Tanja; Grove-Smith, Jessica Assessing moisture around the world 351
2017 21 Session VIII Şoflete, Marius; Munteanu, Raluca Teaching passive house technology and execution in Romania 357
2017 21 Session VIII Cristol, Johan Export Building Information Modeling into PHPP 363
2017 21 Session VIII Stieldorf, Karin Passive house standard as a target standard for architects and an important criterion in the design education of architects 367
2017 21 Session VIII Gollwitzer, Esther Simplified calculation for window installations 375
2017 21 Session VIII Edwards, David Determination of shading reduction factors for PHPP / dsignPH from a 3D computer model 379
2017 21 Session VIII Harrmann, André From Scribbled Cheat Sheets to Helpful Tools 381
2017 21 Session VIII Paulsen, Monte PHPP Anonymous: Lessons learned from the Vancouver-area PHPP users group 383
2017 21 Session VIII Rose, Clarence The PHPP as “nZEB-tool”: building physics are key to tipping point in the Dutch building sector 385
2017 21 Plenary Session Lang, Günter Passive Houses for all - the road to zero 389
2017 21 Plenary Session Jedliczka, Günther Passive Houses for Active Students! A success story 397
2017 21 Plenary Session Bottermann, Heinrich Sustainability in construction 403
2017 21 Session IX Ronacher, Herwig Research projects relating to Passive Houses and Plus Energy Houses in rural settings 409
2017 21 Session IX Großklos, Marc Operational experience of a Passive House with energy gains 417
2017 21 Session IX Steinmüller, Bernd; Wirtz, Reiner; Kandziora, Markus Progress in construction from the 1950s detached house to the EnerPHIT/Passive House Plus of today 423
2017 21 Session IX Herz, Dieter Passive House Plus and Premium in practice
2017 21 Session IX Kreutzer, Simone Passive House - here to stay 437
2017 21 Session X David, Alexander; Schöberl, Helmut Comparison of the designed and the measured performance of TU Wien's refurbished high-rise 445
2017 21 Session X Coughlin, Brittany; Love, Christy; Lepage, Robert Passive House in Canada: Case Studies on a Near EnerPhit Retrofit and Post-Occupancy Research 451
2017 21 Session X Arena, Lois; Sacks Rosenberg, Arianna; Falk, Luke; Moelis, Deborah Cornell Tech: High-Rise Buildings and Passive House 463
2017 21 Session X Velázquez Arizmendi, Germán 361-Unit Passivhaus Social Housing in Bolueta, Bilbao, SPAIN 469
2017 21 Session X Judah, Ilana Passivhaus Feeling Higher: What It Takes to Make a High-Rise Passive 475
2017 21 Session X Daly, Rupert Woodside High-Rise: Bridging Thermal Inequality 481
2017 21 Session XI Höfer, Richard Renewable heating supply in Passive Houses on the smart grid 489
2017 21 Session XI Krick, Benjamin Efficient and cost-effective solutions using power-based supply concepts 495
2017 21 Session XI Sigg, Ferdinand; Krause, Harald Modelling and evaluating power-based supply concepts for highly-efficient buildings 505
2017 21 Session XI Kunkel, Sven; Kübel-Heising, Felix; Mai, Tri; Rädle, Matthias; Steinbächer, Hans-Jürgen; Repke, Jens-Uwe New concept for the production and storage of thermal energy in private households 511
2017 21 Session XI Handler, Simon; Kreč, Klaus Using thermally activated reinforced concrete ceilings for conditioning and energy storage in the Passive House (PH) 517
2017 21 Session XI Gerbut, Maksym “No-carbon-future” building technology 523
2017 21 Session XI Salman Gurcan, Tugba Passive House meets with Smart Home in a real life project 525
2017 21 Session XII Dobrevski, Svetlin Climate zones with hot summer and cold winter - Build a Passive House! 529
2017 21 Session XII Gavião, João; Marcelino, João The first Certified Passive House on the touristic sector in Portugal 535
2017 21 Session XII Nagy, Csaba Fairytale Kindergarten 541
2017 21 Session XII Szekér Lászlo New Passive Houses in Hungary 547
2017 21 Session XII Bonilauri, Enrico Better climate zone mapping for Passive House components in different countries 549
2017 21 Session XII Parry, Clare Changing the Game: The Contractor Experience in Australia 551
2017 21 Session XII Bunyesc, Josep Retrofit and extension of a public comunity centre in Barcelona of 'positive energy' balance 557
2017 21 Session XII Oliveira, Rui; Vicente, Romeu; Bilelo, António; Figueiredo Energy retrofit of a 1970's masonry building in a South European Country 559
2017 21 Session XII Balla, Chetna Role of Passivhaus principles to improve comfort in tropical climate of Bangalore, India 561
2017 21 Session XII Mangaroska, Viktorija; Mangaroski, Kosto Green Buildings and the Passive House Standard for the Climate Conditions in Macedonia 563
2017 21 Session XII Varga, Szabolcs; Petran, Horia Thermal bridge free passive house foundation design in the Romanian seismic region 569
2017 21 Session XIII Knotzer, Armin Best practice for retrofitting school buildings with prefabricated wood modules suitable for Passive Houses 573
2017 21 Session XIII Herz, Dieter Passive House hotels - a success story 579
2017 21 Session XIII Wohlfahrt, Matthias; Schnieders, Jürgen Passive House supermarkets in Hanover - Status report on two years' operating experience 587
2017 21 Session XIII Röthele, Erik Unique and yet cost-efficient 595
2017 21 Session XIII Schneider, Ursula Sustainable living: JAspern 601
2017 21 Session XIV Nicholson, Brandon The ROCIS Initiative: How Buildings can Protect Occupants from Outdoor Air Pollution 609
2017 21 Session XIV Kaufmann, Berthold Monitoring Office PH building in ZhuoZhuo, China 615
2017 21 Session XIV Cunz, Thilo Passive House standard for high-rise buildings in China 621
2017 21 Session XIV Kaufmann, Berthold; Lepp, Laszlo; Rongen, Ludwig; Tribus, Michael; Vallentin, Gernot The Passive House Technology Experience Center (PHTEC) in Qingdao, China 627
2017 21 Session XIV Cieslok, Joachim Technology for the Passive House Technology Experience Center at the Sino-German Ecology Park in Qingdao 633
2017 21 Session XIV Shouqiang, Ni Windows - a new chapter in making buildings energy-efficient 639
2017 21 Session XIV Frey, Wolfgang Passive Houses in China 645
2017 21 Session XIV Ni, Xin; Xing, Chao A living sunshade system 647
2017 21 Session XV Siegele, Dietmar; Ochs, Fabian; Feist, Wolfgang Testing compact units with speed-controlled compressors and ethalpy exchangers 651
2017 21 Session XV Cieslok, Joachim Conserving energy in hydraulic systems 657
2017 21 Session XV Gilliland, Allen Reducing Ventilation System Costs & Energy Use with Shared Air Ducts 663
2017 21 Session XV Kierulf, Bjørn The future of PH: more Innovation! 669
2017 21 Session XV Ochs, Fabian Simulation of a Membrane Energy Recovery Ventilation and Exhaust Air Heat Pump 675
2017 21 Session XV Ochs, Fabian Modelling and Simulation of Radiant Heat Emission Systems in Passive Houses 677
2017 21 Session XV Pfluger, Rainer Exterior plaster as an airtight layer without additional measures? Inspection using a mobile differential pressure device 679
2017 21 Session XV Michler, Andrew; Kierulf, Bjørn Material Impacts in Passive House 681
2017 21 Session XV Peel, Andrew The first Cold Climate Passive House Production Facility emerges 683
2017 21 Session XVI Grant, Nick; Siddal, Mark Developing Summer Comfort Design Guidance 687
2017 21 Session XVI Siddal, Mark Long Term Experience of the Passivhaus Standard in North East England: Are There Overheating Risks? 693
201721 Session XVI Riis Dietz, Søren Passive house school in the northern part of Denmark: First analysis of 5 years' consumption compared to PHPP calculated values. 699
201721 Session XVI Paulsen, Monte Moodyville: A preview of North America's first Passive House District 705
201721 Session XVI Hienonen, Markku; Tackett, Evelina; Räinä, Ikka; Kauppinen, Timo Public Authority's Support for Performance Verification of Single-Family House 711
201721 Session XVI Mohammadpourkarbasi, Haniyeh Business Case for Passivhaus in the UK 717
201721 Session XVI Theoboldt, Ingo CO2mpakthuset - 25m² PH as training project and student dwelling 719
201721 Session XVI Lewis, Sarah Affordable Passive House homes for Norfolk 721
201721 Plenary Session Alter, Lloyd Good air inside and outside 725
2016 20 Preface Feist, Wolfgang Preface by the editor 5
2016 20 Greeting Al-Wazir, Tarek Greeting 9
2016 20 Opening Remarks Partsch, Jochen Opening remarks 13
2016 20 Opening Remarks Holz, Brigitte Opening remarks 15
2016 20 Opening Remarks Turmes, Claude Opening remarks 19
2016 20 Plenary Session Feist, Wolfgang Passive House - the long-lasting solution 65
2016 20 Session I Frankel, Alexandra; Feirer, Martina GreenHouse: Astria's first Passive House Plus student dormitory in Vienna 85
2016 20 Session I Vallentin, Gernot The new Passive House Plus administration building of the Erdinger Moos wastewater association 91
2016 20 Session I Spiß, Engelbert A Passive House Plus residential building in Innsbruck 97
2016 20 Session I Beckmannshagen, Lars Experience from the Effizienzhaus Plus network 103
2016 20 Session I Reinberg, Georg W. Strategy, implementation and monitoring of a Plus Energy Passive House 109
2016 20 Session I Krick, Benjamin A Passive House Plus building made of bales of straw 117
2016 20 Session II Zielke, Georg W. Ecological homes: Ambitious yet affordable 129
2016 20 Session II Kreutzer, Simone Circuits - What goes around comes around 135
2016 20 Session II Werneke, Klaus Affordable and sustainable: A timbered Passive House row house for rent 141
2016 20 Session II Hasper, Wolfgang A government building annex overcomes all challenges 147
2016 20 Session II Rongen, Ludwig Passive House today and beyond 2015: Developments and trends 153
2016 20 Session II Böttrich, Nadine Large variety of balcony connections in Passive House 159
2016 20 Session III Nettleton, Laura; Whartnaby, Michael EnerPHit in the United States: Multi-unit Residential and Commercial Retrofit Case Studies 163
2016 20 Session III Keverling Buisman, Floris Historic 1870 2-whyte brick house to EnerPHot Standard in Upstate New York 169
2016 20 Session III Ingui, Michael Masonry Retrofits - Repeatable Results in a Collaborative Environment 175
2016 20 Session III von Meding, Reimar Reimarkt: The first supermarket for sustainable retrofits as off-the-shelf consumer products 181
2016 20 Session III Janssen, Martijn From Scrap Value to High Quality Dwelling 187
2016 20 Session III Uyttebrouck, Constance Installing geothermal boreholes under a historic building in the city-centre of Liège 189
2016 20 Session III Marcinonis, Dominykas Retrofit of Lithuanian Large Concrete Panel Buildings with Prefabricated Timber Elements - Theoretical Study 193
2016 20 Session III Osborne, Patrick Hiley Road Retrofit Project, London 197
2016 20 Session IV Style, Oliver Measured performance of a lightweight straw-bale Passive House in a Mediterranean heat wave 201
2016 20 Session IV Pallantzas, Stefan Passivistas: The House Project 207
2016 20 Session IV Pardo Calderon, Esteban First Steps in Passiv House Public Buildings in Spain 213
2016 20 Session IV Salman Gürcan, Tuğba; Gülec, Seda A comparison of LEED and Passive House certification on a built example: Gaziantep Yeşil Ev 219
2016 20 Session IV Chatzoulis, Stefan Long-term experience of Passive House Component implementation in 30 buildings in the warm climate of Greece 225
2016 20 Session IV Pietrobon, Marco; Pagliano, Lorenzo Comfort Conditions and User Behaviour Surveys in Passive House Buildings Throughout Europe 227
2016 20 Session IV Ruiz-Cuevas Peña, Ramón Passive House 'FUV' 229
2016 20 Session IV Oliveira, Rui; Alves, Ana; Rodrigues, Fernanda;; Vicente, Romeu; Saracin, Adrian Design, Optimisation and Construction of a Steel Frame Efficient House in a South European Country 231
2016 20 Session IV Fokaides, Paris A.; Christoforou, Elias; Ilic, Milos; Papadopoulos, Agis Monitored performance of a Passive House under Subtropical climatic conditions 233
2016 20 Session IV Bonilauri, Enrico The first certified construction system for warm climates: from prototype to production 235
2016 20 Session IV McKenzie, Fiona Superpod® Podhouse® - An innovative steel passive house system from Australia 237
2016 20 Session V Vallentin, Gernot Montessori School in Aufkirchen: 12 years of operation in the first certified Passive House school 241
2016 20 Session V Kirtschig, Thomas Measurment results from ENERGON in Ulm 247
2016 20 Session V Zeine, Carl KWEFF 2015: Consuption values of highly energy-efficient buildings 255
2016 20 Session V Horn, Gerrit Two decades of timbered Passive House 261
2016 20 Session V Reiter, Olaf Four kindergartens in Saxony: Construction system analysis and a critical review 267
2016 20 Session V Feist, Wolfgang; Ebel, Witta; Peper, Søren; Hasper, Wolfgang Long-term experience and measurements from the first Passive House building in Darmstadt-Kranichstein 273
2016 20 Session VI Ernst, Marion Passive House offices with renewable energy supply on the path to the Passive House Premium Standard 285
2016 20 Session VI Krämer, Walter; Kaufmann, Berthold Summer conquered: The Lu-teco office building 293
2016 20 Session VI Gollwitzer, Esther; Gressier, Florian; Peper, Søren Bambados: A Passive House indoor swimming pool in practice 299
2016 20 Session VI Oehler, Stefan Holistic retrofit of the Gross-Umstadt Sparkasse 305
2016 20 Session VI Kah, Oliver The importance of use-specific energy applications in non-residential Passive House buildings 311
2016 20 Session VI Pietrobon, Marco; Tribus, Michael Analyses of multifunctional wooden components for Passive House renovations of schools 317
2016 20 Session VII Schild, Robert “Does residential comfort have to pay for itself?” 321
2016 20 Session VII Clake, Alan; Grant, Nick Simple and cheap heating systems for individual Passive Houses 327
2016 20 Session VII Bodem, Mario Passive House school project: Lowering costs with the Passive House Standard 333
2016 20 Session VII Moreno-Vacca, Sebastian Large-scale total Passive House renovations in Brussels 339
2016 20 Session VII Fasouli, Myrtia First privately rented EnerPHit homes in London, Whole-Life Carbon story 345
2016 20 Session VII Schneider, Peter The Modular Housing Innovation Project 351
2016 20 Session VII Shaw, Siena; Rubin, Brian MightyHouse - Rolling Passive House 353
2016 20 Session VII McDonald, Timothy The PHFA Project 355
2016 20 Session VIII Burrell, Elrond How architects can drive adoption of Passive Hose for primary schools in England and Wales 361
2016 20 Session VIII Hines, Jonathan; Thoua, Chryssa Closing the performance gap in UK schools - 3 years energy and comfort monitoring evidence 367
2016 20 Session VIII Grant, Nick; Clarke, Alan The first Passive House Archive in the UK 373
2016 20 Session VIII Siddal, Mark; Johnston, David; Harvie-Clark, Jack; Wyke, Andrew Long Term Experience of the Passive House Standard in North East England: Does Airtightness Decay? 379
2016 20 Session VIII Moreira, Marianna; McCormack, Art EnerPHit for Social Apartments: Marrying old and new 385
2016 20 Session VIII O'Donoghue, Ed; Homes, Magner Passive House, Building on Solid Foundations 391
2016 20 Session VIII Wright, Frances; Burford, Neil Developmentof a Scottish Straw Bale-Wrapped Timber Frame Passive House Construction System 393
2016 20 Plenary Session von Weizsäcker; Ernst Ulrich Politics as a partner 397
2016 20 Plenary Session Bottermann, Heinrich Opening remarks for the 20th International Passive House Conference 401
2016 20 Session IX Bräunlich, Kristin Component Award 2016: Affordable ventilation solutions for retrofits 405
2016 20 Session IX Pfluger, Rainer Reducing ventilation duct networks: Retrofit of the Siegmair School as part of the EU project SINFONIA411
2016 20 Session IX Stärz, Norbert Central stairwell ventilation in multi-family houses 417
2016 20 Session IX Martin, Bernhard More efficient ventilation with intelligent active overflow systems 423
2016 20 Session IX Farr, Andrew; Godber, Sally; Warm, Pater MVHR in the UK - Lessons Learnt from Commissioning and a Suggested New “Final Protocol Sheet” for Domestic Use 429
2016 20 Session IX Peel, Andrew North American Ventilation Systems Assessed According to Passive House Requirements 435
2016 20 Session IX Mikeska, Tomas Concept of Passive House Institute Certification for split-type air-to-air heat pumps 443
2016 20 Session X Schulz, Tanja; Ottinger, Oliver Interior insulation: What works? 447
2016 20 Session X Vahalova, Eva; Krick, Benjamin Windows in a step-by-step retrofit 453
2016 20 Session X Freundorfer, Franz Cross-trade retrofit systems: an EnerPHit innovation 459
2016 20 Session X Tywoniak, Jan; Bureš, Michal; Volf, Martin; Hejtmánek, Petr; Nováček, Jiří; Lupíšek, Antonín Lightweight timbered element façade for modified buildings - development and application 465
2016 20 Session X Drössler, Eckart Retrofit to a small multi-generational Passive House residential complex 471
2016 20 Session X Muskatewitz, Adrian Guidelines for Passive House-suitable attic stairs 477
2016 20 Session X Theumer, Susanne Relevance of typical therman bridges in a detached Franconian house from 1959 479
2016 20 Session XI Vogt, Anne; Díaz Antón, Nuria; Robledo, Ruano; Jiménez López, Diana PHPP 9 as a design tool for the first Passive House Premium buildings in Spain 483
2016 20 Session XI Rojas, Gabriel; Schnieders, Jürgen Accurately predicting energy demand and room temperatures in various programs 489
2016 20 Session XI Edwards, David; Malzer; Harald Konrad Latest Developments in designPH SketchUp Plgin - the 3D Interface for PHPP 491
2016 20 Session XI Barry, Bronwyn Optimising Passive House: A look at Kranichstein (and Saskatoon) through the lens of PDT-Passivhaus 497
2016 20 Session XI Ochs, Fabian; Dermentzis, Georgios; Siegele, Dietmar; Calabrese, Toni; Feist, Wolfgang “Auditing tool” PHPP - new Features and Comprehensive Validation 503
2016 20 Session XI Tzarnev, Dragomir The New Building Knowledge Hubs of Europe: Successful Promotion of Passive House Trainings 509
2016 20 Session XI Ottinger, Oliver; Schnieders, Jürgen; Hasper, Wolfgang Determination of the heat loss coefficient of built Passive House buildings 515
2016 20 Session XII Isaacs, Malcolm; Zouari, Sonia Reaching for the Passive House Standard in Canadian Social Housing 519
2016 20 Session XII Paulsen, Monte Factory-built Passive House: An affordable solution for remote Canadian communities 525
2016 20 Session XII Lindgren, Tomas; Granit, Simon Högåsskolan - a Passive House school 531
2016 20 Session XII Päätalo, Juha Onnelanpolku: The first Passive House retirement home in Finland 537
2016 20 Session XII Wong, Terrell; Cook, Sylvia; Ebanks, Peta-Gay Rammed Earth: Passive House, Naturally 534
2016 20 Session XII Stich, Tomaž Off Grid Passive House in the Canadian Prairies 549
2016 20 Session XIII Peper, Søren; Persch, Robert Monitoring energy consumption in the new district Bahnstadt in Heidelberg 553
2016 20 Session XIII Bermich, Ralf Passive House district Heidelberg-Bahnstadt in the eyes of its residents 559
2016 20 Session XIII Lilge, Thomas Student dormitory complex in Münster, Germany: More than 500 units built to the Passive House Standard 565
2016 20 Session XIII Lang, Günter Passive more affordable than conventional: How? 571
2016 20 Session XIV Loga, Tabias; Frank, Milena Photovoltaic power generation to cover domestic power demand in Passive House: A parameter study 579
2016 20 Session XIV Vallentin, Rainer PER assessment and the new Passive House classes: A critique 585
2016 20 Session XIV Feist, Wolfgang; Krick, Benjamin Response from the editor 597
2016 20 Session XIV Krick, Benjamin Is electricity (still) bad? 601
2016 20 Session XIV Großklos, Marc; Stein, Britta Dimensioning of and performance data from an electricity storage system in a Passive House Plus building with 17 residential units 611
2016 20 Session XIV Marcelino, João; Gavião, João The impact of the standby consumption in a Passive House 617
2016 20 Session XIV Hall, Monika; Geissler, Achim is net zero energy possible for high-rose buildings? 623
2016 20 Session XV Steiger, Jan; Vahalova, Eva Overall retrofit plan for step-by-step retrofits to EnerPHit Standard 627
2016 20 Session XV McCormack, Art; Moreira, Mariana Step-by-Step EnerPHit Retrofit: Coordinated Design and Build 633
2016 20 Session XV Traynor, James; Newman, Nick; Brown, Helen Large scale EnerPhit - Whole life costs and lessons learnt on high rise retrofit 639
2016 20 Session XV Norwood, Zack; Theoboldt, Ingo; Archer, Dan-Eric Step-by-step deep retrofit and building integrated façade/roof on a 'million program' house 645
2016 20 Session XV Díaz Antón, Nuria; Sánchez Mateos, Mercedes Step-by-step Retrofits towards EnerPHit Standard in Social Housing in Spain 651
2016 20 Session XV Lutzkanova, Iglika A road towards deep building renovation on a step-by-step basis in Bulgaria 657
2016 20 Session XVI Guo, Ling Passive House in China: Present Situation and Future Trends 665
2016 20 Session XVI Yu, Zou; Deyu, Sun; Xi, Chen Compiling Principles and Key Points of Passive Ultra-low Energy Green Building Technical Guideline China 671
2016 20 Session XVI Song, Angyang; Wu, Jianlin; Gao, Caifeng; Yu, Zhen Design optimisation of Tianjin Sino-Singapore Eco-City Passive House project using PHPP 679
2016 20 Session XVI Cunz, Thilo; Reuter, Friedrich BuildTog Passive House in Tianjin, China 685
2016 20 Session XVI Cui, Yuansheng; Sun, Jicheng; Liu, Wei; Xue, Guibin; Guo, Sinchen Status, Problems and Solution of Passive House Construction in China 691
201620 Session XVI Schirmer, Stefan Experience and challenges from heating and cooling in Chinese pilot projects 697
201620 Session XVI Meyer-Olbersleben, Michael Experience from 11 blower-door tests for Passive House in China 703
201620 Session XVI Lu, Quinn; Li, Jiang Building a Passive House with EPS Module System in the Severe Cold Region of China 709
201620 Session XVI Kaufmann, Berthold Good user-experiences from first Passive House buildings in China 713
201620 Session XVI Schnieder, Jürgen; Kaufmann, Berthold; Schulz, Tanja; Jiang, Huijun; Winkel, Susanne; Feist, Wolfgang Passive House design in different Chinese climates - it works everywhere 719
201620 Plenary Session Feist, Wolfgang; von Weizsäcker, Ersnt Ulrich; Alt, Franz Sustainable energy for all 729
2015 19 Preface Feist, Wolfgang Preface by the editor 5
2015 19 Greeting Gabriel, Sigamr Greeting 9
2015 19 Greeting Jung, Burkhard Greeting 11
2015 19 Greeting Furkert, Alf Greeting 13
2015 19 Plenary Session Moseley, Philippe Passive House and EU Support: Past, Present, Future 57
2015 19 Plenary Session Feist, Wolfgang Shaping the future: Passive House components 63
2015 19 Session I Sibille, Elisabeth; Malzer, Harald Konrad How energy-conscious planning lowers construction costs 79
2015 19 Session I Stein, Britta; Loga, Tobias Member State approaches to Nearly Zero-Energy buildings in Europe 85
2015 19 Session I Bähr, Annette Opitmizing the lifecycle costs of day care centers - the potential of standardization in plenning and construction 91
2015 19 Session I Riel, Martina; Lohse, Rüdiger; Kaufmann, Berthold; Ottinger, Oliver Economic feasibility study of a renovated office complex 97
2015 19 Session I Teraž, Nataša; Pucko Maher, Klara Passive House can be affordable: Optimization through development 99
2015 19 Session I Höffle, Ingo Affordable Passive House production facilities 101
2015 19 Session II Stärz, Norbert Dimensionierung the heat-generator for single-family homes and apartment complexes 109
2015 19 Session II Pröh, Alexander Should apartment complexes have central ventilation systems or units in each apartment? 115
2015 19 Session II Schwerdtfeger, Peter Optimizing airflow in non-residential buildings - a case study of kindergartens 121
2015 19 Session II Rojas, Gabriel; Pfluger, Rainer; Feist, Wolfgang Confort and affordability with air heating - a comparison of radiators and floor heaters 125
2015 19 Session II Kah, Oliver Lowering costs with central residential ventilation systems 131
2015 19 Session II Ottinger, Oliver; Grove-Smith, Jessica; Schnieders, Jürgen; Hasper, Wolfgang; Kaufmann, Berthold The cost-saving potential of drinking water heating systems for drinking water: supply, distribution, and use 137
2015 19 Session III Wolters, Bernd Implementing the Passive House Standard in the Free State of Saxony 145
2015 19 Session III Dubrau, Dorothee What the City of Leipzig is doing 149
2015 19 Session III Eaton, Thomas; Landrock, Steffen; Krumbiegel, Mathias; Haupt, Jörg; Müller, Hans Planning a Passive House sports high school 153
2015 19 Session III Koeningsdorff, Jörg Thermalenergy studies in classrooms, air quality, and thermal comfort 161
2015 19 Session III Hofmann, Andreas; Hessler, Falko Technical Monitoring 171
2015 19 Session III von Nordheim, Irmela Social monitoring of Leipzig Passive House schools from 2012 to 2014 177
2015 19 Session III Reiter, Olaf; Hawemann, Frank Day-care centre “Zauberhaus” in Delitzsch by Leipzig 185
2015 19 Session IV Krick, Benjamin Component Award for Passive House Windows: comfortable, profitable, innovative, and future-proof 193
2015 19 Session IV Guermanova, Maiia A specialist sliding sash window for EnerPHit developments in UK 201
2015 19 Session IV Ochs, Fabian; Dermentzis, Georgios; Siegele, Dietmar; Feist, Wolfgang Retrofitting with façade intefrated micro-heat pump and MVHR - a European case study 205
2015 19 Session IV Dermentzis, Georgios; Ochs, Fabian; Siegele, Dietmar; Feist, Wolfgang Innovative ventilation & heating system for Passive Houses - a European case study 211
2015 19 Session IV Haiduk, E.; Mahdavi, A.; Pont, U.; Schuss, M.; Sustr, C.; Ghazi Wakili, K. High-performance aerogel insulating plaster for historic plaster façades 217
2015 19 Session IV Schulz, Tanja; Ottinger, Oliver Recommendations for EnerPHit retrofits with interior insulation - certifying interior insulation systems for EnerPHit 221
2015 19 Session IV Sánchez, Isabel; Fernández, Cristina; Rico, Elena; Porras, César; Martin, David Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) in Step by Step Retrofitting Projects 227
2015 19 Session IV Dekant, Christoph Newly certified: Passsive House loft ladder 231
2015 19 Session V Freundorfer, Franz Windows of efficiency class phA+ - a further step towards cost efficient PH 235
2015 19 Session V Ugovšek, Aleš; Šubic, Barbara; Rep, Gregor; Humar, Miha Thermally modified wood - applicable material for passive windows - theory and practise 241
2015 19 Session V Schlagowski, Günter; Kwiatkowski; Sławomir Tomasz The production of Passive House Standard windows in a Passive House certified production hall 247
2015 19 Session V Rudolph, Andreas; Slawik, Stefan Safety and usability of certified Passive House inclined post-and-beam designs 249
2015 19 Session V Hülsmeier, Frank Resource-optimized, slender sandwich façades 255
2015 19 Session V Ottinger, Oliver Heat losses through chimney systems in Passive House buildings 259
2015 19 Session V Foppe; Johannes The EMS+SI element assenbly system - the easy way to install windows and doors in the insulation level 261
2015 19 Session V Naumann; Andreas Timbered Passive House, the 3 G+ construction system from single-family homes to timbered complexes 265
2015 19 Session V Clarke, Alan; Grant, Nick Heat loss via internal drainage vent pipes 269
2015 19 Session VI Grove-Smith, Jessica; Feist, Wolfgang The PER sustainability assessment 273
2015 19 Session VI Schütze, Alexandre; Kowalski, Miroslaw Consideration of complex shading situations in the PHPP based on light simulation 281
2015 19 Session VI Werner, Matthias; Gopp, Sebastian; Geisler-Moroder, David; Junghans, Bert; Ebert, Oliver Simplified façade planning in terms of demand for artificial lighting, heating, and cooling 285
2015 19 Session VI Andreou, Eleni; Pelsmakers, Sofie; Altamirano, Hector; Halliday, Sandy Should the Passivhaus standard include the environmental impact of materials in its standard? 291
2015 19 Session VI Lewis, Sarah PHPP Illustrated 297
2015 19 Session VI Hasper, Wolfgang Enhanced Training Materials for Passive House Designer Courses 299
2015 19 Session VII Tribus, Michael Step-by-step refurbishment of a school and residence hall in use 303
2015 19 Session VII Malzer, Harald Konrad; Pfluger, Rainer The first certified EnerPHit office high-rise - modernizing with Passive House components 309
2015 19 Session VII von Meding, Reimar Veilige Veste - the first passive house office complex retrofit in the Netherlands 317
2015 19 Session VII Höfler, Karl Innovative retrofits towards Plus Energy buildings 323
2015 19 Session VII Stuffer, Oscar; Troi, Alexandra; Carí, Valentina Deep energy retrofit of an architectural heritage building: an historic villa on Lake Como 329
2015 19 Session VII Goossen, Carl-Peter A practival approach for a integrated refurbischment with a scrum team 335
2015 19 Session VIII Kaufmann, Berthold; Hennecke, Christian Xingfubao Passive House Building in Urumqi - lessons learnt 341
2015 19 Session VIII Ruge, Peter Best Practice in Southern China - Passive House Bruck 347
2015 19 Session VIII Michulec, Dawid; Schöberl, Helmut Certified Passive House in China with planning and implementation done by Chinese firms 353
2015 19 Session VIII Zhengjie, Yu; Rongen, Ludwig; Fei, Han Challenges of implementation of Passive House construction in the present stage in China 359
2015 19 Session VIII Yao, Yi; Deng, Lanbo Opportunities and Obstacles for the Development of Passive House in China 365
2015 19 Session VIII Xu, Wei; Qiao, Biao; Liu, Yan; Sun, Deyu The application of high performance envelope in residential building in China 369
2015 19 Plenary Session O'leary, Tomás; Moreira, Mariana Trans-European EnerPHit Case Studies Lead the Way 377
2015 19 Plenary Session Krick, Benjamin Classic, Plus, Premium: the new Passive House classes and how they can be reached 383
2015 19 Session IX Schnieders, Jürgen Active cooling in Passive House - strategies for active cooling systems 395
2015 19 Session IX Laidig, Matthias; Zeller, Joachim How well does a compact device with fresh air heating work in practice? Measurement results 401
2015 19 Session IX Sibille, Elisabeth; Pfluger, Rainer The use of active overflow systems for the distribution of fresh air in apartments 407
2015 19 Session IX Kierulf; Bjørn Advantages of a wall integrated centralised ventilation unit 413
2015 19 Session IX Siegele, Dietmar; Ochs, Fabian; Feist, Wolfgang Critical analysis of solar domestic hot water and solar space heating algorithms in PHPP 419
2015 19 Session IX Gilliland, Allen Ansynchronous Air Circulation for Simplified Ventilation and Space Conditioning 425
2015 19 Session X Hässig, Werner; Wyss, Sara Optimization of thermal bridges in buildings subject to earthquake loads 433
2015 19 Session X Kellner, Steven Multistory Passive House office complex 439
2015 19 Session X Tywoniak, Jan; Calta, Vítězslav; Staněk, Kamil Education and office complex of the Partnerství Foundation in Brünn 445
2015 19 Session X Plesser, Stefan; Görtgens, Adrian; Ahrens-Hein, Oliver-N.; Wussler, Maik Evaluation of eight Passive House day care centers in Hanover 451
2015 19 Session X Herklotz, Dietmar Experience as a Passive House auditor 457
2015 19 Session XI Fujara, Marianne Lessons learnt from the project - the PassREg idea remains valid 467
2015 19 Session XI Genchev, Zdravko The Passive House concept leads to the nearly zero-energy building 471
2015 19 Session XI Tzanev, Dragomir The New Passive House Regions Take On the Energy Revolution 475
2015 19 Session XI Bermich, Ralf Passive House performance on a large scale: Excperience from the Passive House district Heidelberg-Bahnstadt 478
2015 19 Session XI Moreno-Vacca, Sebastian What does Passive House do for architecture? 485
2015 19 Session XI Rose, Clarence Passive goes NZEB, barriers and solutions in building regulations 491
2015 19 Session XII Bastian, Zeno; Pedersen, Søren; Arnăutu, Dragoş Stepwise EnerPHit Retrofit: New Certification Scheme and Online Platform 501
2015 19 Session XII Camal, Simon Practical implementations of step by step retrofit to EnerPHit standard 507
2015 19 Session XII Robinson, Adam EuroPHit: Models for Financing Step-by-Step Refurbishments 513
2015 19 Session XII Theumer, Susanne; del Carmen Rivero Arias, Maria Cost-optimised Standard for Social Housing retrofit in Mexico: EnerPHit 519
2015 19 Session XII Baeli, Marion Lessons learned from 20 UK residential retrofits 525
2015 19 Session XII Parada, Marlene; Rodrigues, Fernanda; Oliveira, Rui; Vicente, Romeu; Alves, Ana Energy retrofit of a XIX century building in Portugal 531
2015 19 Session XIII Grossklos, Marc Passive House with surplus energy or Efficient House Plus? Paths towards surplus energy 537
2015 19 Session XIII Hensel, Christoph; Bretzke, Axel A comparison of the Passive House concept and the Solar House with a further development towards Plus Energy House 534
2015 19 Session XIII Tepe, Rainer; Büttner, Christoph Solar-wood heating concepts for Passive House 549
2015 19 Session XIII Schöberl, Helmut; Bednar, Thomas Austria's largest Plus Energy office complex at Getreidemarkt, Technical University of Vienna 555
2015 19 Session XIII Nikolaev, B. Passive House and active buildings will be constructed in Russia! 561
2015 19 Session XIII Colclough, Shane; Redpath, David; Griffiths, Philip Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage and the Passivhaus - lessons from 5 years of monitoring 567
2015 19 Session XIII Thurrott, Joseph Meeting the heating energy demand using a local, renewable fuel: wood logs 569
2015 19 Session XIV Beckmannshagen, Lars; Gerbitz, Jan Passive House as a cornerstone of energy-efficient urban districts - Passive House in Hamburg neighborhoods and at the IBA Hamburg 2013 573
2015 19 Session XIV Schwarz, Dietrich The Neugrüen Mellingen neighborhood, Minergie-A-Eco and P-Eco 579
2015 19 Session XIV Wohlfahrt, Matthias; Harhausen, Gunnar Zero-emissions strategy for a neighborhood from the 50s and 60s 585
2015 19 Session XIV Stelzer, Friedemann Wilhelminian Style Building in the EnerPHit-Standard with renewable Raw Materials 591
2015 19 Session XIV Raji, S.; Pauly, M.; Henon, A.; Lopez, J.; Lagière, Ph. Comparative analysis between PHI standard with current French efficiency regulations 593
2015 19 Session XIV Vekemans, Etienne; Camal, Simon French energy efficiency regulations compared to PHPP 595
2015 19 Session XV Wassouf, Michael Comfort and Passive House in the Mediterranean summer - monitorization of 2 detached homes in Spain 599
2015 19 Session XV Bunyesc, Josep Several examples of monitored Passive House homes from the Mediterranean to the Pyrenees 605
2015 19 Session XV Berger, Wolfgang; Nitsch, Bernd An EnerPHIT retrofit of an apartment in a complex in Bilbao, Spain 611
2015 19 Session XV Salman Gürcan, Tuğba A Cost Effective Retrofittig in Turkey by Adapting EnerPHit Standards to Warmer Climate 617
2015 19 Session XV Figueira, José; Figueiredo, António; Vicente, Romeu; Rodrigues, Fernanda; Oliveira, Rui Thermal Comfort Analysis of Light Steel Frame Passivhaus Dwellings for Southern European Climates 623
2015 19 Session XV Figueiredo, António; Vicente, Romeu; Rodrigues, Fernanda; Figueira, José Overheating and optimization of indoor thermal comfort of Passive House Buidings in warm climates 625
2015 19 Session XV Zedillo Velasco, Carlos SISEVIVE - The energy & environmental efficiency planning tool for low income housing in Mexico 627
2015 19 Session XV Kolsuz, Timur Techstyle Haus - Passive House prototype in membrane construction 629
2015 19 Session XVI Clarke, Alan Building a Better Passivhaus School 637
201519 Session XVI Barabás, Béla Case study - EvoHouse - Eco-passive concept from Romania 643
201519 Session XVI Cohen, Adam J. Integrated Project Delivery of Passive House, a pathway to high performance at market rate 649
201519 Session XVI Harrmann, André; Armstrong, Lukas A Multi-Generation Triplex House in the Canadian Rocky Mountains 655
201519 Session XVI O'Malia, Matthew Warren Woods Ecology Field Station: 1st certified laboratory in North America 661
201519 Session XVI Steinmetz, Nico New office building for the Centre of Ecological Movement in Luxembourg-Pfaffenthal 667
201519 Session XVI Hagermann, Sam An Economical House “Package” for the Pacific Northwest 669
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