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Accredited Building Certifier

Building certification is becoming more and more important.
To address the growing amount of requests for Passive House and EnerPHit certification, the Passive House Institute has developed a training concept to train more building certifiers.


In-depth Passive House experience, especially having worked on several certified Passive House / EnerPHit projects is a must for building certifiers accredited by the Passive House Institute. Furthermore, a building certifier is an expert in the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) as this is used to evaluate the building's energy performance. A high score in the Passive House Designer exam is a good way of testing if one's knowledge on Passive House is sufficient. Lastly, a signed accredited building certifier's contract is required.

Process to become a PHI-accredited building certifier

Several steps are required to become a certifier:
a) Send CV to the Passive House Institute ( Involvement with Passive House must be clear, so the CV shows PHPP experience and that you have at least worked on three certified Passive House or EnerPHit projects
b) Passive House Designer/Consultant exam successfully passed (Passive House Designer website)
c) Participation at certifier course (see below).
d) Certifier course exam successfully passed.
If all above requirements are met, you could be offered a contract to become an accredited building certifier.

Building certifier course

The building certifier course consists of six course days, including the following topics:

  1. Building certification
  2. Climate data
  3. Ventilation
  4. Certification of residential Passive Houses
  5. Certification of Non-residential Passive Houses
  6. Renovation with Passive House components: EnerPHit projects
  7. Passive House Standard in different climate zones
  8. iPHA - The International Passive House Association: Passipedia
  9. PHPP exercises

Please see the Events calendar for information on upcoming courses offered.

Building certifier seal

Accredited building certifiers are listed on the following section of the Passive House Institute website: Building certifiers
They can be recognised by this seal:

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