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Passive Houses in hot, humid climates


(extract of the study Passive Houses for different climate zones which can be ordered here)

In Dubai, the hot summer with temperatures up to 45 °C requires good heat protection and light surfaces; heating is never needed. Triple solar protection glazing will minimize solar loads, ideally in combination with immovable shades. As a result, the cooling load can be reduced to a level that supply air can cover. Overnight ventilation is not an option for the eight months in which cooling is needed because of the high outdoor temperatures and air humidity, but it can be helpful in the winter.

Dynamic building simulations for Reference Passive Houses:

Read more about the dynamic building simulation for a Reference Passive House in the location Dubai

Hygrothermal analysis of building components:

Read more about the hygrothermal analysis of building components for the location Dubai

The authors wish to thank the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt and Saint-Gobain CRIR for their financial support and valuable input in this research project.

Calculation of the energy balance in hot and humid climate

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