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The Passive House Planning Package

The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) (order here) contains everything necessary for designing a properly functioning Passive House. The PHPP prepares an energy balance and calculates the annual energy demand of the building.

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The PHPP consists of a printed manual with a CD. The manual not only elucidates the calculation methods used in the PHPP but also explains other important key points in the construction of Passive Houses. The CD contains a tool based on Excel (or an equivalent spreadsheet software programme) with different worksheets containing the respective inputs and calculations for various areas.
designPH, a newly developed 3D data entry and design modelling tool (SketchUP plugin) for the PHPP is available now. Read more

Climate data tool

With this tool you can retrieve climatic data in the PHPP data format for any location in the world except Antarctica. The data were developed on the basis of satellite data which were obtained from the NASA Langley Research Center Atmospheric Sciences Data Center POWER Project. Assessment and processing for the use within the PHPP took place at the Passive House Institute.

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Climate data tool for the Southern Hemisphere

Some PHPP calculations are based on the assumption that the building under consideration is located in the Northern Hemisphere. The PHPP can also be used for locations in the Southern Hemisphere, but a specific approach described in the PHPP manual must be adopted for this purpose.

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Lift energy demand

The Excel tool supports the planner to assess the energy demand of lifts, for example, in the early planning stage. A detailed determination of the energy requirement is also possible. The assessment follows the calculations presented in VDI 4707 2009-3.

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See also

Calculating energy efficiency

Several to the PHPP affiliated tools / aids are available for free on the homepage of the Passive House Institute:
(please note that these tools are available in German only):

Sound protection – tools and calculations

PHVP 2002 - The Preliminary Passive House Planning Package PHVP 2002 is a simplified version of the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) which is available free of charge.

SommLuft - The Excel-based “SommLuft” tool allows users to estimate the air exchange through windows for the configuration of appropriate window openings.

PHLuft - Software programme which aids designers of Passive House ventilation systems.

PHI Rechentool Druckverlust (pressure loss calculation tool) - Calculation of pressure losses in ventilation ducts (circular and rectangular) using the Passive House Institute’s Excel® tool.

Web-Tool - Optimization of dwelling floor plan configuration for cascade ventilation

Calculation of primary energy and seasonal performance factor of heat pumps in Passive Houses

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