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Inhabitants report about living in a Passive House in the hot climate of Granada, Spain

Gabriel and Eva, owners of the Moraleda´s house, the first Spanish Passive House, tell us about their experience and way of living in a “Passive House”:

“We have been living just for a short time in Moraleda´s Passive House, we moved here in mid-October 2012, we used to live in Pulianas, a town close to Moraleda, in an ordinary house. We spent last winter in the Passive House and we have really felt the comfort of this house. This building always keeps a very pleasant temperature although outdoors the climate is usually very cold. It´s astonishing that even without turning the heating on it is never cold in the house.

When it´s been cloudy for a few days straight, we have turned on the heating for a few hours, and with this very little time has been more than enough to keep a comfortable temperature for many days.

The difference is absolutely remarkable, while in our old house we used to sleep with several blankets and it was still cold. In the Passive House we have slept tight and without as many bedding as before. Another great feature that we have noticed is that the temperature remains the same in all the rooms, we have the same comfort feeling all over the house.

We have changed our habits in a very short time! We open the windows whenever we want, while in our previous house we had to do it if we wanted to get fresh air.

Living here is much easier than before, the maintenance of the house is just simpler, we don´t have to worry about heaters, filling the tanks with fuel or radiators.

In summer we have to use the exterior blinds (in winter they are always up to get the sun into the house) so that the house doesn´t get warm and when the outside temperature goes down, during the night, we open the windows to take advantage of the cool air.”

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The project's architect Antonio Pelaez (left) and Eva (right),
owner of the first Spanish Passive House

Photograph: Antonio Pelaez

Eva and Gabriel, the owners of the first Spanish Passive House

Photograph: Antonio Pelaez

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