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Building services

On these pages of the Efficiency NOW initiative, we will discuss measures relating to building services systems that allow the energy demand for heating and hot water to be reduced. These are still the most predominant energy uses in buildings. In existing buildings, this often adds up to over 80 % of the total energy consumption (usually of fossil fuels such as gas and heating oil), and even in ordinary new builds1), this is still more than 50 %.

Space heating systems

Hot water systems

Other technical systems

  • LED light
  • Heat dissipation from electrical devices

Structural measures

If constructing a new building is possible today then it should be built to the Passive House standard and designed using the PHPP. This is more favourable in every respect and will relieve the homeowners from all worries with regard to energy supply or energy prices in the future. That's because no expensive extras are necessary for achieving the Passive House standard; instead, it is enough to plan the building in a durably energy efficient way. This will require more diligent planning, any special additional costs for construction usually aren't necessary. If there are any, then these will pay off twofold - for example, in the case of the ventilation system air quality will be improved and energy costs will be saved.
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