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Thermal comfort

Passive Houses are buildings that need very little energy to achieve a comfortable temperature without the help of either a conventional heating or air conditioning system. An extremely well insulated building envelope as well as triple glazed windows 1) and insulated frames keep the desired warmth in and undesirable heat out. This means that the floor and all interior walls stay at the same pleasant temperature - year round.

Infrared image of a Passive House window from the inside.
All surfaces (window frame, casements, and glazing) are
pleasantly warm (above 17 °C). The temperature doesn't fall
below 15 °C even at the glass edge.

This page contains information on the following topics:

Thermal comfort in Passive House buildings 1

Passive House and Thermal comfort 2

Thermal comfort parameters

Adaptive versus Heat Balance Comfort Models

Local thermal comfort

Summer comfort in Passive Houses

The glazing quality required may vary with climate, double glazing may be sufficient in some warmer climates
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