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Pressure Loss Calculation Tool

This tool is used for the approximate pressure loss calculation of ventilation ducts (round, rectangular) and certain fittings (e.g. bends, T-pieces). It can also be used to take into account other fittings, as long as their resistance coefficient is known. The result is the pressure loss of the respective individual component (e.g. pipe section, fitting, filter).

In order to obtain the total pressure loss for the entire ventilation duct network, the individual results (pressure losses of each segment) must then be summed up in a separate calculation. Please note that in the case of branched ventilation duct networks, the branch with the highest pressure loss is decisive. The input of the ductwork should be done sequentially (supply air: from ventilation unit to room supply valve; extract air: from room extract valve to ventilation unit), since the final volume flows or velocities in the fittings must be used for the subsequent duct segment respectively. Furthermore, pressure losses of other installed components such as silencers or valves must be researched and added additionally.

Pressure loss calculation tool

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