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Passive House legislation for new public buildings and retrofits

“New public buildings belonging to the city or local authority will only be built to the Passive House Standard in future. As far as possible, renewable energies will be used: additional upgrading of buildings with renewable energies to the Passive House Plus level (with fully sustainable energy supply) or Passive House Premium (with a surplus of renewable energy generated). The same applies for new builds rented by cities, i.e. the aim is to achieve a heating and cooling demand of less than 15 kWh/m²/a each. Refurbishments of owned or rented buildings will only be carried out with Passive House suitable components, meaning refurbishment to the EnerPHit Standard or a retrofit yielding a reduction in energy usage by a factor of 10. Renewable energies will also be taken into account in the case of refurbishments.”
Wolfgang Feist
Excerpt from position paper: Climate protection at the municipal level – a ten-point programme for the building sector, March 2014

Municipal Passive House school in Frankfurt, Germany.

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