Single-family Passive House buildings in Germany and Austria

The following section presents a selection of outstanding examples of multi-family houses in Germany, featured in past Passive House Conferences.


Lower Saxony

This single-family Passive House in Ottbergen near Hildesheim
was designed and built by Carsten Grobe. It was presented
at the 5th Passive House Conference. Besides residential buildings
Carsten Grobe has planned and built a number of non-residential
Passive House buildings which he presented at the
10th International Passive House Conference.

North-Rhine Westphalia

This single-family Passive Houses in Lindlar near Köln,
designed by Manfred Brausem, was built in 1998 as part of a five
unit Passive Houses estate, the first of its kind in North-Rhine
Westphalia and the first free-standing single-family houses realised
according to the Passive House Standard. Manfred Brausem's article
on “Modern Solar Passive Houses in Timber Construction” was
presented at the 2nd International Passive House Conference in 1998.


“1000 Passive Houses in Austria” - this was the title of a
presentation given by Günter Lang at the 8th International Passive
House Conference in 2004 in Krems, Austria. Austrian architects
have been very creative in applying the Passive House
concept in a variety of ways for their designs.
Günter Lang also spoke about the successful uptake of
the Passive House Standard in Austria at the 10th International
Passive House Conference.

Single-family Passive House in Ardagger, designed by
Prehal and Poppe Architects. The house does not require a
conventional heating system and is heated mainly by means of
passive solar energy and internal heat sources.

Another design by Prehal and Poppe Architects:
the Passive House in Öhling with an envelope of untreated larch
wood. Contrary to conventional Passive House practices, the building
is not oriented towards the south. Its subtle terrace offers a great view
of the valley landscape and the village. (Year of construction 2000).
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