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Certified Passive House Designer

CPHD_Designer_EN Here you can find detailed information to become a “Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant”!

The Passive House Institute offers the Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant certificate. There are two ways to acquire this certificate:

  • Advanced training through seminars, training courses or private study and eventually passing a written exam. Find a Passive House course provider and learn more about the Passive House Designer exam. Additionally, many European course providers post specifics on the courses they offer here.
  • Presentation of a Quality Approved Passive House construction project planned responsibly by the applicant and properly documented 1)

Either one of the two mentioned conditions needs to be fulfilled in order to acquire the certificate and be registered in the database of Certified Passive House Designers. Once every five years, the certificate must be renewed by presenting a Quality Approved Passive House construction project.

The Certified Passive House Designer certificate shows potential customers that the holder has acquired the knowledge and experience needed to successfully plan and build Passive Houses.
Please see the Events calendar for information on upcoming courses and exams offered.

Designer versus Consultant?

The difference between Passive House Institute certified Designers and Consultants depends on your background. Designers come from highly relevant fields and their prior knowledge must be somehow proven by their degree etc, in order to get the Designer label. Click here for a list of typical professions. Consultants, on the other hand, can come from any background. More information and examples can be found here.

Becoming a Trainer for Certified Passive House Design Courses

Anyone with an intimate knowledge of the Passive House concept, preferably as a Certified Passive House Designer or with experience building Passive Houses but also with a proper technical or architectural background, is eligible to become a Certified Passive House Designer Trainer upon completion of a two day "Train the Trainer" course.

Passive House Design Course Materials

Upon completion of a two day “Train the Trainer” course, a licensing agreement can be signed allowing the Certified Passive House Designer course materials to be used “as is”, for the purposes of preparing others to take the Passive House Designer exam.

See also

For general information on qualtification through certified Passive House projects, see the exam regulations, section 3; an example project documentations reports can be found under Project documentation in the iPHA Member Area, or can be made available upon request. Please note that as the review of such documentation is time consuming, the Passive House Institute must charge a fee for this service. Please contact Wolfgang Hasper at for details.
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