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Certified Passive House Designers


Building a Passive House is not difficult in itself – but just like any other skill, it requires expertise and training. Architects, specialist engineers and construction experts have a lot of professional expertise and practical experience. Any additional know-how that is necessary can be acquired with moderate effort – for example by studying the information presented on Passipedia.

In order to facilitate the practical implementation process, the Passive House Institute has introduced an additional qualification: the “Certified Passive House Designer” or “Certified Passive House Consultant” certificate. These qualifications are protected and apply to the certified person only. Eligibility can be proved in two ways:

  • By passing the written examination according to examination regulations
  • By documenting the construction of a Passive House that has been certified by the PHI or a completed EnerPhit refurbishment of a building, where the relevant person was responsible for the planning.

In order to retain the personalised certificate, it is necessary to provide proof of a completed and certified object (according to 2) on a regular basis.

A current list of certified designers and consultants as well as detailed information on the examination regulations and the various courses offered by training institutes can be found here

You can find more information on the Certified Passive House Designer qualification and training opprotunities in the education section of Passipedia and on the iPHA website.

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