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Window Installation Thermal Bridges Catalogue

The thermal bridge calculations listed here come from the thermal bridge catalogue for window installation in new buildings, version 2.0 from the Energy Institute Vorarlberg and are shown here as an overview. No liability can be accepted for any content-related shortcomings or errors. Any liability for the accuracy and completeness of the contents and data and particular for any damage or consequences arising from the use of the information presented here is therefore excluded.

A large number of window connection situations were examined for presentation in the thermal bridge catalogue. The variants to be analysed are selected using a matrix of:

  • Four exterior wall types in solid and timber construction with U-values of 0.12 W/(m²K)
  • Eight frame types of different energy quality, including seven frames for triple glazing
  • Four types of window installation, ranging from non-insulated to the arrangement of the frames in the insulation level
Download here Window Installation Thermal Bridges Catalogue
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Further information can be found here, there are further calculated window installation situations for refurbishment.Energy Institute Vorarlberg

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