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Timber construction thermal bridge catalogue and tool

When planning a passive house, it is important to calculate a precise energy balance that includes all relevant energy flows, as a passive house has a very low energy requirement and therefore small deviations have a greater impact. In practice, however, connection points or irregularities in the constructions cannot be avoided.

For this reason, we provide a thermal bridge catalogue for numerous timber constructions.

In timber construction in particular, there are many elements that are located in the insulation level, such as wall end cross-sections or similar. In practice, it can happen for various reasons that details are not executed as planned and not as contained in this catalogue. If this is the case, the values from the thermal bridge catalogue can serve as an aid for estimating heat losses. However, if details deviate significantly from the connection variants presented here, a calculation is required for each individual case.

Under the link below you will find the catalogue and a practical tool that makes it easier to find the thermal bridges (only in German).

Download here Timber construction thermal bridge catalogue and tool (German)
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