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Stepping Up to Passive: Policies We Want
A brief guide that clarifies best practices in implementing Passive House building codes, ensuring that market confidence, professional competence, and a robust product supply chain are all in place ahead of the eventual transformation of baseline codes. These four steps will ensure a smooth transition to the policies we want.
2023Passive House Network (PHN)
policy-that-works-june-2022-phn-report.jpgPolicy That Works: An investigation into policies driving Passive House adoption in North America
A comprehensive study to identify what, where and how Passive House policies were being implemented across North America. Not only did we want to understand the drivers behind these policies, but we wanted to determine which policies were more successful and why.
2022Passive House Network (PHN)
24policyresourceguideline.jpgPolicy Resource Guide
The guides give overall Passive House policy development in the city of Vancouver in Canada and New York City in the USA.
2019Passive House Network (PHN)


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