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Passive House Quality assurance and Building certification

14certifiedpassivehousenz.jpgCertified Passive Houses in New Zealand - a position paper

The first Certified Passive House in New Zealand was built in 2012 in Glendowie, Auckland. At the time of writing, there were 19 Certified Passive Houses in New Zealand registered in the international database. The authors know of a similar number of Passive Houses that are in the process of becoming certified. Currently, all Certified Passive House buildings in New Zealand are detached, single family homes, town-houses, apartments and social buildings are however in the pipeline at the time of writing.
2018Passive House Institute New Zealand (PHINZ)
15ukclaiming.jpgClaiming the Passivhaus Standard: Technical briefing document

This document provides general guidance on the design for implementing and achieving Passive House standards in buildings.
2015Passivhaus Trust (PHT), UK
18qualityassurance.jpgTechnical Guidance - Passivhaus Quality Assurance: Large & Complex

This publication addresses the growing importance of structured quality assurance systems for Passivhaus Standard buildings in the UK, emphasizing the need for effective tools, methods, and collaboration to ensure successful project outcomes while preventing cost overruns and delays. It highlights practical examples and clarifies Passivhaus Standard requirements for construction teams and site managers.
2015Passivhaus Trust (PHT), UK

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