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17passivehousecapitalcost.jpgTechnical Guidance - Passivhaus Capital Cost Research Project

This research explores the costs of constructing certified Passivhaus-standard affordable housing projects in the UK, indicating an average cost of around £1,800-£1,850 per square meter of GIFA. Comparisons with other sustainability standards reveal a 15-20% cost increase for Passivhaus, primarily attributed to factors like external walls, windows, and doors. Further investigations are recommended to monitor evolving market dynamics and potential performance gaps in sustainability measurement tools, while acknowledging the broader value of Passivhaus in terms of long-term benefits beyond initial construction costs.
2015Passivhaus Trust (PHT), UK
10passivehouseconstructioncost.jpgResearch Report - Passivhaus Costs & Benefits

Innovation costs associated with early Passivhaus projects are now reducing as the methodology has become more widely adopted. This study shows that the extra over costs associated with building to the Passivhaus standard in the UK has reduced over the past three years and, as of 2018, best practice was around 8% higher than comparable non-Passivhaus projects.
2019Passivhaus Trust (PHT), UK

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