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Windows are an essential factor in assuring pleasant indoor conditions. In cold climates, poorly insulated windows will cause relatively cold surfaces at the facade and will require active heating near the windows to compensate for cold air drops, draughts and “cold radiation” caused by the cold surfaces. Highly insulated windows, on the other hand, will make an active contribution to increasing the level of comfort. High performance windows, specifically developed to meet the requirements of Passive Houses, are offered by an increasing number of manufactureres across the globe. A list of PHI Certified Passive House windows can be found here.

Passive House windows allow for major energy
savings and offer a superior level of comfort.

This section contains information on the following topics:

Passive House windows - requirements

Types of glazing and their specific values

Window installation

The next generation of Passive House windows

Windows in refurbishments

Passive House - 6 reasons why you still need opening windows

Optimization of roller shutters and exterior blinds

PHI window certification: previous success and new climate zones

2015 / Vol.1 Is it problematic if the window is better than the wall?

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