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Passive House schools

Can school be beautiful? – impressions from the central recreational room of a Passive House school in Bremen.

The Passive House Standard is a sensible alternative, not only for residential buildings. The Passive House Standard has been successfully realised in many different types of buildings including offices, hostels, factories, administrative buildings, sports halls and kindergartens.

Passive House school buildings are particularly interesting. Several school buildings have been realised using this standard and experiences gained from their use are now available: The Passive House Standards allows for energy savings of around 75% in comparison with average new school buildings - and of course there is no need for an additional heating or cooling system. The additional investment costs are within reasonable limits. What is important is the know-how - which can be obtained by every architect thanks to the “Passive House Schools” Protocol Volume, funded by the Hessian Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Passive House Schools - Boundary Conditions

Passive House schools – How to go about it

Air Quality in Schools

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