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Passive House Basics

In collaboration with local universities the Passive House Institute and iPHA offered an introductory, English-language Passive House seminar as a precursor to the International Passive House Conferences. Entitled Passive House Basics, this full-day course is ideal for both first time Conference participants and for all those wishing to refresh their Passive House knowledge. Passive House essentials such as heating and cooling, airtightness and thermal bridge free construction, indoor air quality, ventilation, cost-efficiency, certification as well as built examples in various climate zones are covered by prominent Passive House experts. Passive House Basics courses are available on video and in PowerPoint format for iPHA members to spread the word in your country and help us take the Passive House Standard into its third decade.

For more information please visit the International Passive House Association and become a member to access the Basics course. Feel free to set up your own Passive House Basics course using the materials provided by the Passive House Institute.

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