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Energy and ecology

Greenhouse effect and climate protection

Everyone is now aware that the Earth is “suffering from fever” – this was the headline featured on the front page of a popular German newspaper on 5th November 2006. On 2nd February 2007 the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) published its new “Climate Change 2007” report. Slowly the realisation that it is now time to act, is sinking in. Read more..

Primary energy – quantifying sustainability

The primary energy demand determines the impact on the environment. Read more..

Embodied energy and the Passive House Standard

With energy-efficient construction, the primary energy demand for the application of electricity during the period of use, as well as the embodied energy of the building materials become increasingly significant. Read more..

Renewable sources of energy

There are great potentials in improving efficiency, and in addition, energy efficiency and renewable energy go hand in hand for solving the issue of climate protection. Read more..

Zero-energy and zero heating energy houses

The very first zero-energy houses which were built in the 1970s required complicated and costly technical systems. Today however, experience with low-energy houses has shown a more practical and easier approach: cost-efficient highly insulated houses without any heating systems, called Passive Houses, constitute the standard of the future. Read more..

Supplying Passive Houses with sustainable energy

Climate change caused by humans is a threat to flora, fauna and our entire civilization. We must therefore reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to a sustainable amount. Possible future solutions in the building sector include zero-carbon / zero-emissions buildings, which are already required in some areas. Read more...

Read more in the Passive House Institute's publications

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