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 [[experiences:Living in a Passive House|Read more...]]\\ [[experiences:Living in a Passive House|Read more...]]\\
 \\ \\
 +**Passive House: when reasoning becomes a passion**\\
 +The construction of buildings using the Passive House method has long been a tradition in many regions worldwide. Engineers in Austria demonstrate the sensible way of doing things. [[experiences:Passive House - when reasoning becomes a passion|Read more...]]\\
 +**Experience Passive House - Passive House Open Days**\\
 +The best way to understand what an energy efficient building such as a Passive House specifically entails is to experience it first-hand.
 +[[sinfonia:Experience Passive House - Passive House Open Days|Read more...]]\\
 ===== Measurement results ===== ===== Measurement results =====
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 +**See more:**
 +[[ | Passive House Database]]
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