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 {{:​picopen:​cphd_designer_en.jpg?​150}} {{:​picopen:​cphd_designer_en.jpg?​150}}
-Building a Passive House is not difficult in itself – but just like any other skill, it requires expertise and trainingArchitects, specialist engineers and construction experts have a lot of professional expertise and practical experienceAny additional know-how that is necessary can be acquired with moderate effort – for example by studying the information presented on Passipedia.+[[http://​​lang=en-GB|Why Certified Passive House Designers/​Consultants?​]]
-In order to facilitate the practical implementation process, the Passive House Institute has introduced an additional qualification:​ the “Certified Passive House Designer” or “Certified Passive House Consultant” certificate. These qualifications are protected and apply to the certified person only. Eligibility can be proved in two ways:\\ +[[http://​​mitgliederdatenbank.php|Search for Certified Passive House Designers]]
-\\ +
-  * By passing the written examination according to examination regulations +
-  * By documenting the construction of a Passive House that has been certified by the PHI or a completed EnerPhit refurbishment of a building, where the relevant person was responsible for the planning. +
-\\ +
-In order to retain the personalised certificate,​ it is necessary to provide proof of a completed and certified object (according to 2) on a regular basis.  +
-\\ +
- +
-A current list of certified designers and consultants as well as detailed information on the examination regulations and the various courses offered by training institutes can be found [[http://​​englisch/​index_e.html|here]] +
-\\ +
-\\ +
-You can find more information on the Certified Passive House Designer qualification and training opprotunities in the [[education_training:​certified_passive_house_designer|education]] section of Passipedia and on the [[http://​​index.php?​group=1&​level1_id=194&​page_id=221&​lang=de|iPHA website]]. +
- +
- +
-===== See also ===== +
- +
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