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References for:
Spanish Articles
Investing in energy efficiency
Are Passive Houses cost-effective?
Economic feasibility of Passive House retrofits
Thermal Bridges
Thermal Bridges Catalogue (Full Version)
Adaptive versus Heat Balance Comfort Models
Thermal comfort parameters
Energía Primaria Renovable - PER
Determining application-specific PER factors
Renewable primary energy demand in residential buildings with high energy intensity
Passive House buildings in different climates
Passive Houses in hot, humid climates
Mechanical services in tropical climates
Passive Houses in cold climates
Yekaterinburg: Parameter variations
Passive Houses in warm climates
What is a Passive House?
EnerPHit – the Passive House Certificate for retrofits
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance: Nuremberg case study
Quality Assurance - Thermal bridges
International cooperations
Passive House kindergartens
Passive House kindergartens in Northern Europe
Passive House office buildings
Central Europe
The world’s first Passive House, Darmstadt-Kranichstein, Germany
Passipedia A-Z
Passive House Institute publications
List of Passive House Conference contributions since 1996
List of all released conference proceedings from 2011 to 2014
List of articles from the Research Group for Cost-effective Passive Houses
Planning and Construction
Airtight construction
Airtightness measurements in Passive Houses
Compact HVAC systems
Heating and DHW
Heat pumps
Sound generation, sound dispersion and sound proofing in heat pumps
Heating and DHW – A comparison of different supply systems
Parameter variation
Reduction of the supply air rate in the living room
Comparison of energy performance of ventilation systems using passive vs. active heat recovery
Differentiation between Vv and Vn50 values
Calculating energy efficiency
Energy balances - Background
PHPP – Passive House Planning Package
PHPP calculations in hot and humid climates
Climate data tool for the Southern Hemisphere
Commercial kitchens and cafeterias
Non-residential Passive House buildings
Dynamic response of a commercial kitchen
Energy balance according to PHPP
Ventilation in commercial kitchens
Passive House schools
Refurbishment with Passive House components
Passive House refurbishment - Mechanical systems
Passive House refurbishment - thermal envelope
Airtightness in old buildings
Improving thermal bridges and airtightness in existing buildings
Insulation measures for the external envelope
Basic principles for windows - research on energy efficient modernisation
Passive House refurbishment - ventilation
Building envelope
Thermal insulation
Thermal protection works
Passive House windows - requirements
Required U-values for Passive House windows
Adapting the certification criteria and glazing for European climate zones
PHI window certification: previous success and new climate zones
Installation-based thermal bridges Ψinstall
Appliances in commercial kitchens and cafeterias
Thermal Bridges Catalogue
Thermal Bridges Catalogue
Differentiation between Vv and Vn50 values
Climate tools
Climate data tool
Climate data tool for the southern hemisphere
Kantinen und Gewerbeküchen
Commercial kitchens and cafeterias
Commissioning tool - ventilation checklist
Compact HVAC systems
Cooling tools
Cooling Systems tool
Design tools
Domestic hot water in commercial kitchens and cafeterias
Passive House Economics
Electricity tools
Energía Primaria Renovable - PER
General strategies and comfort in commercial kitchens and cafeterias
Heat pump tools
Hygiene tool
Monitoring tools
Passipedia A-Z
Passive House Institute publications
Commercial kitchens and cafeterias
Simplified energy balance
Thermal Bridges Catalogue
Thermal bridge tool
Thermal bridges tools
Ventilation tools
Ventilation in commercial kitchens and cafeterias
Ventilation tool
Window tool
Window tools
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