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-====== Planning ======+====== Planning ​and Construction ​======
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   * [[basics:​passive_houses_in_different_climates]]   * [[basics:​passive_houses_in_different_climates]]
 +====== Quality Assurance ======
 +This section compiles the main tasks regarding quality assurance in the course of site supervision,​ up to the time of final approval. It must be ensured that all that has been arranged in the plans, especially the implementation plans, is also implemented on site. Generally recognised technical regulations and relevant provisions must be complied with in the process. For innovative projects in particular, requirements often go far beyond regulations as the technology used in such structures has often not yet been included in the standards. The special features of energy-efficient buildings are presented in the following sections in detail. Special attention is paid to practical relevance and the examples herein can thus serve as a basis for numerous approaches. It is essential, however, that an investigation of further local or national technical regulations be carried out by the designer. Designers should inform their clients comprehensively about the advantages and risks associated with innovative solutions and in return, clients should exempt designers from any liability extending beyond these risks. This should be done carefully in written form: it is advisable to include these aspects in the construction specifications that are signed by the client.
 +Special aspects of quality assurance are presented in the following sections.\\
 +  * [[construction:​quality assurance:​Airtightness and wind proofing|Airtightness and wind proofing]] ​ {{:​picopen:​members_only.png?​25|}}\\
 +  * [[construction:​quality assurance:​Thermal bridges|Thermal bridges]] ​ {{:​picopen:​members_only.png?​25|}}\\
 +  * [[construction:​quality assurance:​Final approval and initial use|Final approval and initial use]]  {{:​picopen:​members_only.png?​25|}}\\
 +  * [[construction:​quality assurance:​Nuremberg case study]]
 + \\
 +===== See also =====
 +  * [[planning:​airtight_construction:​general_principles:​blower_door_test|Blowerdoor Test]]
 +  * Thermographic imaging
 +  * Dry construction!
 +  * Keeping ventilation components clean
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