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 +====== Quality assurance by means of milestones ======
 +|//"​Quality assurance by means of milestones will be used to check whether the required standard of work has actually been provided. Milestones include, for example, planning approval, execution planning, initial site meeting post completion of the building shell, second site meeting post completion of the airtight building envelope, completion of the building, assessment of technical measurements,​ independent certification."​
 +**Wolfgang Feist** \\
 +Excerpt from position paper: [[http://​​download.php?​cms=1&​file=2014_02_13_Municipal_Climate_Protection_Press_Release.pdf/​|Climate protection at the municipal level – a ten-point programme for the building sector]], March 2014 \\//|
 +===== Related articles =====
 +Coming soon...
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