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-Anybody who has ever been part of a building project knows that a qualified construction team onsite is crucial to a project’s success.\\ +{{:picopen:​certified_ph_tradesman_logo.jpg?130|}} 
-\\ +
-This is why, in addition to the courses offered to designers, the Passive House Institute has launched a training programme for Passive House Tradespeople. This programme consists of a general exam, the passing of which will lead to certification as a "​Certified Passive House Tradesperson"​. General course material developed by Passive House Institute is available to course providers who would like to use it as a basis for their courses leading up to the exam. Please see the [[http://​|Certified Passive House Tradesperson website]] for more information.\\ +
-\\ +
-<WRAP round info 60%>+
-{{:​picopen:​certified_ph_tradesman_logo.jpg?​130|}} **[[http://​​|Here]] you can find detailed information to the further training "​Certified Passive House Tradesperson"​!**+[[http://​​|Passivehouse Trades]]
-</​WRAP>​ +[[http://​​mitgliederdatenbank.php|Search for Certified Tradespersons]]
- +
-===== See also ===== +
- +
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